Have a lovely week.


Jason and I spending our anniversary the same way we spend most Fall Sundays… Cheering on our Packers!!

 Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Jason and I have been celebrating our one year anniversary, which is officially today! We tried a new restaurant last night called The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar in North Hills. It was pretty interesting and creative. After dinner, we had a drink at World of Beer then headed to Sugarland Bakery to pick up some cupcakes. We devoured the cupcakes, drank wine, and spent time together relaxing comfortably at home reflecting on such a busy year. Taking the whole weekend to recognize the importance of this big day has made it feel a bit more special, especially since we didn’t go on a big trip to celebrate. So I’m going to get back to hanging out with my wonderful man while we cheer on the Packers! But come back on Tuesday when I share a bit about our story!

Have a lovely week!

– A


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