Guest Post: 5 Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Bookworm Husband

Today we would like to welcome Morgan to the blog! Morgan reached out to us about writing this anniversary post inspired by her parents’ upcoming anniversary and we were excited to feature it around Annie’s first wedding anniversary this coming weekend. It’s a great play on the traditional first anniversary gift, paper! You can read more from her over at Gray & Gabbana.

Under the Oaks blog: Guest Post: 5 Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Bookworm Husband(image via)

When I’m finding gifts for my favorite book lovers, shopping at bookstores can get a little repetitive. For special occasions, it’s tough to think outside the box and find a gift that goes beyond a simple book. For anniversaries, it’s especially tricky to locate the perfect gift—one that expresses all your love and appreciation for the special man in your life. With a little creativity, there is a multitude of options for unique book-related anniversary gifts. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Go Bookstore Hopping

Locate used bookstores in your area and enjoy a shopping date with your husband. If there aren’t many bookstores nearby, consider planning a day trip to visit a few out-of-town bookshops. Hunting for books can be a fun bonding experience. Together you can dive through the dusty book piles to uncover hidden literary gems. At the end of the day, head home, pour some wine, and curl up together to read the day’s spoils.

redenvelopepillow(image via)


It’s great to let your man know how much he means to you with something personal. Spice up a more traditional gift by having it customized just for him. For a bookish beau, it’s always a nice touch to incorporate something from literature. For example, have a picture frame engraved with his favorite book quote (and put a special photo of you and him inside). You can also add a little comfort to your husband’s favorite reading spot with a custom-embroidered pillow.The one below from RedEnvelope even places your names among some famous couples from literature! So cool.

Enhance Your Man’s Reading Experience

A book-loving husband will appreciate a gift that makes turning the page even better. If he enjoys a glass of scotch with his evening reading, whiskey stones will keep his drink cold without watering it down as he finishes that last chapter.

Under the Oaks blog: Guest Post: 5 Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Bookworm Husband(image via)

Enjoy Some Drama

If your man’s reading repertoire includes playwrights, he might enjoy watching a play with you. For a little extra flair, purchase tickets in advance for a local production, keep your plan a secret, and then surprise him with a mystery date on the night of the show. You can even go out for dessert after the show and discuss what you liked and disliked about the production. You’ll get to experience a romantic evening together as well as share in his interests.

Make a Book Special

It’s not always a bad idea to aim for simplicity and give your husband a book. There are many ways to give a book some extra pizzazz for your anniversary. If you have the chance, attend a book signing for an author your husband likes and astound him with a signed copy. Some lesser-known authors are reachable through their websites and will send a signed copy upon request. It’s always a nice touch to ask the author for a brief anniversary message along with the signature. If your husband has a favorite book, you can also search online for an early edition, or a leather-bound copy for his collection.

These are just a few examples of the many gift possibilities for a bookworm husband. If you think creatively, you can turn his passion for the written word into a personal expression of love. Whether you give him a book, a book-themed gift, or spend a literary evening with him, he’s sure to be happy with your appreciation for his interests. Use your imagination to make your anniversary a special one.


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