My Weekend with Alt for Everyone + Coupons!

Under the Oaks blog: My Weekend with Alt for Everyone + Coupons!

A week and a half ago I attended an amazing online conference called Alt for Everyone. It’s offered through Altitude Summit, a business conference specifically designed for bloggers and creatives, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have become a part of the Alt community. I’m not exactly sure when and how I found them. I know it was just this past Summer because I signed up for a few classes in July and after the first, I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough. Although I am limited to which classes I can take since most are offered while I’m at work, every class I’ve taken I have walked away from feeling so inspired and excited about blogging and building Under the Oaks.

The day before Alt for Everyone I made the following list. It was the 5 things I hoped to find at the conference. Turns out, I found them all!

Under the Oaks blog: My Weekend with Alt for Everyone + Coupons!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online conference. I’ve been to conferences before and know that a large part of what you get out of them comes from networking and making valuable connections. How is that possible online, when others can’t see or hear you? After the first class I realized that I was seeing a lot of the same names come across the blogroll. So I just started chatting! By the end you get into a groove; you’ve started following on Twitter or Instagram and replying to tweets or liking photos, you’ve check out their blog between classes and let them know if you think it’s pretty great, you’ve let them know you’re interested in collaborating at some point. The trick is to keep this going after the classes are over. I feel I can say that I definitely walked away with new connections. I’m excited to collaborate with the people I met and build up a circle of blogger friends.

I definitely have a better idea of how to brand and market myself. I picked up a few tips and tricks and have a solid idea of what I’d like to see Under the Oaks become. There are some changes coming in the next year and I can’t wait to get those going and hope you’re excited to see them!

The excitement and confidence came towards the end. Certain classes pushed this through for me but honestly, it wasn’t until the very last class I had, Working with Sponsors with one of the founders of Alt Summit, Sara Urquhart, that really pushed away all the fears and doubts and “what ifs” and replaced it all with more inspiration that I know what to do with right now. She has this way of making you feel like you’re right where you’re supposed to be in your blogging journey. Ending the conference with her class brought the whole experience full circle for me.

I don’t have a whole but I have the steps and just need to follow them. That’s more than I could ask for right now with Under the Oaks being less than a year old. We have so much room to grow and that’s exciting in itself. One of the comments I heard the most from my peers was that their brand and blog are still developing. It’s comforting to know we aren’t alone in that thought and I look forward to seeing where we all are a year from now.

If you’re a blogger or creative and haven’t checked out Alt Summit’s conferences and classes, do yourself and your brand a favor and sign up for a class or two today!

A big “Thank You!” to Alt Summit for putting this together! Also, some shout outs to the sponsors for including their products in the Alt for Everyone gift box:

This awesome poster from How Fab

Paper Gift tags from Mediterraneo Gifts

A Capsul Case, perfect for business cards

Little pig chalkboard gift tags by Not Just A Mommy

Super cute “Alt yellow” bracelet from Kluster Shop

Beautiful earrings from a local Raleigh fave, Ever So Lovely

Keycals, keyboard stickers, from Kidecals (use code BLOGTHIS for $5 off your purchase)

Beach Days Dryer Sheets that smell incredible from The Good Home Co. (use code ALTSUM20 for 20% off your purchase)


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