Have a creative week.


Welcome to October! This is the first new week of the month and what I would consider the first week of the holiday season. I’ve been thinking a lot about DIYing lately after reviewing the bucket list on Thursday and I think this last quarter of the year is the perfect time for me to tackle my goal of “less pinning, more doing”.


Last weekend was Alt Summit’s Alt for Everyone online conference. (You may recognize the above button from the right sidebar!) After attending and letting it all sink in I am super inspired to ramp up my creativity and get to work. I’ll be posting my recap on Tuesday so if you’ve ever been interested in attending or just want to know what the heck it is, come back then!

Exterior-pergola-Halloween-GTL1005-de(image via)

Halloween is my favorite holiday but I have yet to decorate my own house to celebrate. I think this first week is the perfect time to get a few pumpkins, decorate the house, and make a few spooky DIYs. I’m looking forward to sharing my Halloween DIYs with you this Thursday!

What creative projects are you working on this week?

– A


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