Have an effortful week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have an effortful week.

Here’s to the end of September, to a month I’d honestly like another shot at quite frankly (birthday #2, okay!). With only three months left in the year it really is time to put forth a last-ditch effort to making it a great year if it’s been so-so, or making it a phenomenal year if it’s already been great.

Last week I participated in a work-hosted class developed by FranklinCovey regarding The 5 Choices. The 5 Choices are all about tools, techniques, and the 5 choices you can make in your life regarding the work you do and how to be more productive, avoiding that ultimate “burned out” feeling. I learned about the quadrant of tasks and how to differentiate between meaningful and productive tasks versus fillers and time wasters. It truly motivated me to have a much more productive and effortful October, November, and December, and finishing the year on a strong note.

My home is also another place that I always feel I could make more of an effort. While my husband [and his wallet] probably wished I’d make less of an effort, I can’t deny that I’m always 5 projects ahead of a completed project. Today is the last day of the Southern Ideal Home Show in Raleigh and I’m tempted to check it out so I can start planning home projects for 2014.

Check in Thursday to see how our 2013 bucket list efforts are [or are not] coming along with only 3 moths to go … xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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