Have a Fall week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a fall week.

Happy First Day of Fall! After putting together my Fall fashion wishlist this past week, I am in full Fall-mode. Hot coffee vs. iced, boots vs. sandals, navy and gray vs. brights and florals. We just got back from Ocracoke Island yesterday so I have clearly stretched this Summer until the very last day but I’m so ready for a new season.

Spring was my favorite time of year growing up but as an adult Fall has taken the lead. A lot of it has to do with beginning a family and creating our own holiday traditions. It’s an exciting time of year to be a kid and one of the elements of being a parent I’m looking forward to the most is reliving the holidays through my children. I feel like Fall brings the potential for a lot of creativity and natural inspiration, also. I find myself very motivated to do amazing work during the Fall. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle projects after being on-the-go all summer. Halloween is my favorite holiday so decorating the house, date nights at haunted houses or watching scary movies, and carving pumpkins are some of my favorite things. The NC State Fair is in the later part of October and I’ve never missed a year since moving to NC. Throw our anniversary in there and prepping for Thanksgiving and I’m a happy girl.


This week, look for the Under the Oaks Fall Bucket List to see what C and I are most looking forward to doing during these next few months. I will also be recapping my trip to Ocracoke and sharing some of my fave moments from our last vacation of the Summer!

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

– A


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