Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NCEvery now and then I like to explore outside Raleigh’s city limits and get lost in a little Southern Charm. Being in Raleigh we truly are at the center of it all, in North Carolina that is. Within an hour or so you can get mountains, beach, or a quaint downtown. My recent poison? The quaint downtown of Southern Pines, North Carolina.

For my birthday weekend two weeks ago I had rented a Mustang convertible just for fun and thought what better way to enjoy a beautiful North Carolina day than to go for a back-road drive, with the top down, and tunes blaring. It was great! What wasn’t so great? I was having so much fun that I got to Southern Pines with only an hour and a half before all the downtown shops closed. Note to the wise: when exploring a small North Carolinian town, arrive earlier in the day.

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Prior to leaving Raleigh I’d discovered via Internet that Broad Street was the place to be for charm. Also, I checked in with my pal Christine, a native to the area, and she made a couple of great recommendations. Upon arrival I’d noticed immediately the famed Southern Pines train station, built in the late 1800s, serving as a welcome center of travelers headed south. Today the area serves a similar function, also drawing in a community of golfers being that it neighbors Pinehurst and numerous other golf resorts. I’m not a golfer so I can’t tell you about the greens, but my husband agrees that if you want to golf, this is the place to be.

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Since I only had an hour and half before everything closed down for the day I really had to be choosy where I decided to stop in, and yet I had so many options. It was really quite the dilemna. My first stop was into The Country Bookshop which was your typical bookstore, but cute. There were a group of ladies in the back holding a book club with tea, cookies, and adorned in frilly scarves. I was far too shy to ask for a photo, but it was quite the site and I spent too much time browsing for books because I really liked the atmosphere.

Being the hippie that I am my next stop was in to Green Goods. Green Goods carries organic and upcycled gifts. I picked up some wonderfully scented soy candles and had so much fun admiring all the interesting things they carry.

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

 Prior to my next stop I popped in at Denker’s, which was a recommended stop. They carry bags, accessories, and clothing. I left empty handed, but only because I was overwhelmed with the variety and I was short on time = I couldn’t take the time to focus on any one item in particular. After Denker’s I hopped over to Mockingbird which reminded me immediately of Anthropologie without the clothing (though they did carry nightwear). I could have spent the remainder of my time in here, I loved this store! I bought a dainty bracelet and something else that I cannot reveal because it is a surprise for someone … all I can say is that it is cute! I loved the style, the decor … it was the kind of store that I would personally open if I ever felt inclined to open my own store.

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

With my last 15 minutes I quickly stopped in to a few more shops, and an antique mall, just to scout out spots for my next trip (as I’d already decided I absolutely had to come back). Before getting back into the car and heading back to Raleigh I ran into the Broad Street Bakery & Cafe for some delicious apple crisp bars and small coffee to go. Why did I choose this place for my departing snack? Because I’m a sucker for puns [see below].

Under the Oaks : Visiting Southern Pines NC

Have you been to Southern Pines? Do you have a recommendation for my next North Carolina Small Town Visit?? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “Visiting Southern Pines NC

  1. I was wondering how the trip went! Glad it was a success. Can’t believe I forgot about Mockingbird! It’s new, in my defense. 🙂

  2. We moved to Southern Pines from the Fort Worth – Dallas area of Texas, and have never looked back. I love the small town feeling it has. Gets tiresome sometimes going to Raleigh or Fayetteville to shop, but it’s worth it!

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