Have a frugal week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a frugal week. #savingmoney

This summer has been pretty busy for two people who said there would be no traveling this year after our honeymoon! We’ve been to Nashville, the beach a few times, NY a few times, and Canada so far. We are heading up to the lake this Friday for Labor day then back to the beach a few weeks later. Hoping for at least one more beach trip and who knows where we will be for our anniversary! All the travel costs have been worth it, I think, but my wallet / bank account / husband may disagree. Aside from travel, life happens and that can add up too. Date nights, coffee dates, and happy hours are something that we’ve tried to reign in but it doesn’t seem to be working. Why? Because we love our friends so much, duh! Just kidding. Even though that is true, I think it mostly has to do with how in shambles our house is right now. We could be saving so much if we just had people over instead of going out to meet them all the time but unfortunately, our house is not guest-friendly right now. Which brings me to why we must get better about being frugal. As I’ve said in this post, we are working to pay off debt so we can get the house renovated so to keep me on track, I made this list to remind myself that less can be more and motivate me to keep adding things each week!

My Frugal List :: Things that I’ve learned to live without / live with less of:

  • Coffee shops – I’m usually at one on a Friday afternoon and consider it Under the Oaks office hours but I’ve learned that a 15” laptop screen is only good for streaming Mad Men while working on the 30” screen you hooked up next to it.

  • Busy weekend-night restaurants – a 2-hour wait at 8p for a restaurant not on the “places to be seen” list is not worth it. Cashed in for a better dinner and bottle of wine in yoga pants, on the couch with my husband and pets, catching up on the DVR. I do realize how old that makes me sound…

  • Traditional home goods – Thanks to Pinterest and my love of canning jars, I’ve come to realize how unnecessary it is to buy products specifically made for something. For example, I use canning jars to organize my craft / baking / office supplies, keep perishable foods longer, as water bottles, salad keepers, rocks glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, as oil lanterns, vases, etc., etc. I’m sure I’ve saved money somewhere from this.

  • Reading material – My library (read: three bookcases) are full. No more room, not if I want to stay sane. In the past maybe six months, I’ve purchased three books. Usually, I purchase 4-5 a month. I miss it. Along the same lines, magazines. I have about a year worth of back issues that I have yet to go through, though I’m not sure what to do with the clippings now that Pinterest exists…

  • Pedicures – This year I haven’t gotten a single one. I’ve learned how to do them at home and have gotten pretty decent at it but since I don’t get massages on a regular basis, I would try to justify pedicures as a less expensive treats and a chance to get some “me time” but I always felt guilty for paying $25 for someone to basically paint my nails.

So this week, I challenge you to make your own “frugal” list. What can you live without or with less of?

– A


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