Technology Cleanse Recap

Under the Oaks blog: Technology Cleanse Recap

For those that were wondering, I survived my technology cleanse last week and for those that assume I am talking about a new health trend, you can catch up here.

In short last week I disconnected myself, by personal choice, from all forms of technology and social media unless required by work, or contacted by call or text, just so folks didn’t think I’d been abducted by aliens, although …

So, this meant no Internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, television, Netflix, DailyGrace, etc.

Lessons learned:

  1. When your phone isn’t glued to your hand you can spark and have meaningful conversation while: waiting in line at the store, waiting for an elevator, riding in an elevator, over dinner, over lunch, during meetings…
  2. While in any of the above settings you notice more how annoying it is when the person you are trying to interact with is completely attached to their technology of choice.
  3. The more time I had to come up with my own thoughts, the more I thought of witty things that I wanted to share with the world via “status” or “tweet”. Funny how when you stop reading others’ thoughts you come up with more of your own.
  4. I can get a lot done between the hours of 5pm and 10pm.
  5. An earlier bedtime became easier and preferred. Falling asleep was easy since I’d kept myself so busy with errands, chores, and reading after work. And? My mind wasn’t fogged up with all the junk I read on [insert any social media source and/or trashy gossip sight here].
  6. Just because you choose to walk away doesn’t mean the World of news stops. Without going back to check, at least 4 babies were born, a dozen photos of cute babies and/or puppies and/or summer vacations were posted, and 3 marriages/or engagements/or divorces took place.
  7. Checking your phone every 10 minutes is a built habit. Early on I had to move apps on my phone into a folder so I wouldn’t automatically swipe my phone on and select them out of habit.
  8. The battery on an iPhone 5 can make it about 36 hours when not in use. Who knew?

I was good, with only a few moments of temptation, until Saturday that is. I was working on home projects, and while taking a break and I simply caved, I had to know what was happening on Facebook! For the past almost 10 years, this has been how I’ve connected and kept in touch. So after I spent almost an hour “catching up” I turned the phone back to its idle state and continued with my Saturday. I realized that I didn’t really “miss” anything except that hour I wasted looking at photos of cute babies and puppies, and the typical “woe is me” rants.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy and appreciate the luxuries technology has afforded me, and let’s face it, my livelihood is based on technology. Quite frankly, I simply think I/we rely too much on it. I enjoyed most being more attune to me and my personal time. In a weird way, I felt I was being more respectful of my time as well as others. Though it freaked me out, I enjoyed moments of boredom where I wondered, “what next” without grabbing for my phone.

I joked with a few people that I felt 19 again. Honestly, I didn’t grow up with apps and fancy gadgets. I thought I was pretty hip with my standard Nokia (with a super cute Tinkerbell case). I feel a little sad for my future offspring because they won’t know a world where these technologies don’t exist. I realize this makes me sounds as though I’m 102, but seriously … I feel blessed that I can turn it all off and be contented because I know what it feels like to be alone in my own mind and I’m okay with it.

Moving forward, have I decided to abandon the modern world? Not quite, I happen to enjoy my paycheck. However, I like the idea of turning off the unnecessaries during the work week and being more socially engaged via media on the weekends. I enjoyed getting more done and getting better sleep as well as being fully present during all meetings and human interactions. Sanity = totally worth it.

Take some time this week to “disconnect” from technology. You deserve it, trust me. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


One thought on “Technology Cleanse Recap

  1. I really like your #2 revelation, and I wish all smartphone users could learn from your experience!! As a non-smartphoner, it drives me crazy. I try not to take it personally, but it can be somewhat offensive. #4 reminds me that I do need to apply this to my laptop in general when I’m at home. Glad you found the process refreshing!

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