Have an adventurous week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have an adventurous week.

Greetings from Upstate New York! Jason and I are traveling home today from an awesome trip back to my homeland and surrounding areas. I’ll be working on a few posts for this week and next to recap our trip to NY & Canada, including my hometown of Corning, Seneca Lake and Finger Lakes Wine Country, Niagara Falls, and Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. If you have any questions about any of the areas, feel free to post a comment or send me an email and I’ll include it in one of the posts!

Heading home is always a much different “vacation” than going somewhere we’ve never been before. I never make agendas or schedule anything when I go home because I feel like I’ve seen everything, even though I definitely haven’t. I’ve been to Canada before but it has been over 10 years so a lot has changed. I don’t remember any of the drive up there which made it feel much like an impromptu adventure this time. That’s also because I may or may not have chosen the more rural route from the GPS knowing it would be a lot more fun than interstates! This confession was made after the above picture was taken and after Jason asked if NY had any highways.

Growing up in a smaller town (under 12,000 people) allowed for many impromptu adventures when I got old enough to drive (or date someone with a car). Some of my favorite days were spent driving around for hours with friends, getting lost, and finding our way back home in a time before GPS or cell phones (or responsibility). We were carefree. This drive to Canada brought back a lot of those feelings and made me realize how much I miss that carefree feeling, even if only for a few hours.

As an adult living in a much larger city, I wonder if this carefree feeling and sense of adventure could be achieved on a regular basis again. Since I’ve been in Raleigh for ten years now, I think I have a few things I can suggest to help make your week more adventurous:

  • Our recent bike trips on the Greenway have brought back some of that feeling and I love it.
  • Take a day trip to one of the many nearby small towns, like Sanford, Carrboro, Durham, or Wake Forest.
  • Park just outside of downtown and walk all over. It’s amazing how different the city can seem on foot.
  • Visit the museums, even if you’ve been before. Take your time and learn something new.
  • Pack a picnic and find a park you’ve never been to. Raleigh has some good ones.

What are some mini adventures that you go on? I’d love to add some new ones to the list!

– A


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