Crystal’s Home Office Reveal


Our home office is the one room in our house that both my husband and I dreaded. At some point the room became a dumping ground for, well, everything. It has probably been in shambles since before our wedding, over two years ago. Every time we walked into the room we’d spend a couple of minutes organizing, quickly become overwhelmed and leave. It was also a room we’d fought over, me complaining about his things, him upset over my complaints. So much stuff, yet we could never find the things we were looking for. Before our trip to Toronto I literally spent 2 hours looking for my passport, in a real panic.

Welp, we finally did it. Mission complete! It took a couple of weekends of organizing, cleaning, painting, and a little renovation, but I can honestly say it’s now a place we both like to be.

What was the mission exactly? First off we needed to organize and make it a place that we could easily keep organized. My husband often works at night, and I work from home every now and then so it also needed to have plenty of places for us to work and was comfortable. I like to craft (clearly) so I needed a place for all of my crafty things and my sewing machine. Finally, I was hoping it would accommodate a large futon from Ikea. We’ve had this futon for a couple of years that was rarely used and in another room that could no longer accommodate it (look for September’s room reveal). I thought maybe if we were able to put it in the office, the office could serve the purpose of an additional guest room if needed.


First, a new paint job. The new color, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, is much more calming and makes the space appear larger. Then, I hung shear curtains that I picked up at Ikea a while ago over the corner windows. See how I hung them higher than the window?


Next, I re-purposed a side table AND the futon from another room. I was a little concerned the futon would be too large, but not so. Also, prior to moving the futon to this room it had a bright orange cover that I knew would not work in the new space. To my delight, when I removed the cover the base was grey! So, until I decide to sew a new cover this will do. Above the futon I hung various prints and other items of interest from the past couple years. I picked up various frames from Michael’s (40% off plus an additional 25%, score!).



Next up, our multifunctional desk. Crafting, sewing, printing, typing, working … so many functions, now enough storage! If you remember Tuesday’s post I detailed the DIY  pin boards hung above the desk. Also above the desk I hung 2 shelves that I procured from Lowes; enough space for travel books and picture frames, etc. On top of the desk I added a couple of storage pieces from The Container Store.




To the right of the desk I was able to fit one of the shelving units we had in the room before. At first I was concerned that we wouldn’t have enough book storage, but after re-organizing and spreading books throughout the room, I found it was just enough.


And of course, I couldn’t have done it without my trusty sidekick, Alexander the Great.


Have any of my renovations given you ideas for your home office? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “Crystal’s Home Office Reveal

  1. Yup, just as I suspected your design job makes me feel woefully inadequate. 😉 Looks cozy but also functional & organized. Well-done!

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