Quick ‘n Easy DIY Pinboard

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

With the makeover of the office/study of our home, I had so many great ideas for DIY projects. From artwork, to a bookcase makeover, to pillow covers, but nothing really inspired me. I think the makeover of the office in itself was overwhelming enough and literally sucked away all of my enthusiasm for a long, drawn out DIY project. (To see the transformation of that room check back on Thursday.)

When I ripped down the all-too-thin cork board that I’d put up years ago, my husband protested. I thought surely we could live without the thin, falling apart cork board that left little remnant holes from push pins behind. He was upset because this is how we display our cards to one another with messages of love throughout the year. I thought, okay, I can come up with a replacement solution that both looks and functions better. ::insert exclamation thought bubble here:: DIY!

I was in luck, while shopping at Target this weekend, I picked up 6 thick, 14″ by 14″ cork board tiles, and because they fall under the “school supplies” category they were tax-free. For those non-Carolina folk, the first weekend in August has historically served as tax-free shopping for clothing and school supplies. Unfortunately, this was the last year for such money-saving shenanigans. Then, when I was at Lowes, I saw chevron shape tape by Frogtape. My DIY inspiration was back!

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

For this project I started with:

  • 6 14″ by 14″ cork tiles
  • Frogtape Chevron Shape Tape
  • Blue painters tape (had at home)
  • Behr sample size paint in Firecracker, left over from another project (you could probably use any paint you have on hand)
  • A spongy brush
  • 3M strips for hanging

My thought was I’d have 3 rows of cork boards and 3 different patterns. I started by taping off the appropriate boards with the desired pattern.

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

I then painted. I wasn’t too careful about staying inside the lines as I had taped well. Because the paint I was using dried fast I was able to apply a second almost immediately. In between coats I also painted this cardboard “Z” … you’ll have to check back Thursday to see what I did with this … a little game of Where’s Waldo … but with a Z.

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

After the tiles dried I slowly peeled off the tape and disposed. I then applied 2 3M strips to the back of each tile.

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

Finally, using a level I set them in place on the wall above our desk.

Under the Oaks blog: Quick 'n Easy DIY Pinboard

Quick, easy, cheap, stress free, and functional. DIY at it’s best.

Check back Thursday where I’ll reveal my whole office. My husband says I really surpassed his expectations, so it must be good! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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