life lately under the oaks

.. reading .. The 10Ks of Personal Branding on Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

Since reading Lean In for July’s book review, I’ve been reading The 10ks of Personal Branding by Kaplan Mobray. This read wasn’t exactly something I walked into Barnes and grabbed off the shelf. My co-workers and I are actually reading through Mobray’s ten insights into personal branding after he spoke at an event here in Raleigh. The first tip? Know thyself. Mobray asks deep, personal questions for you to answer of yourself in order for you to have a deeper knowledge of how you are branding yourself in order to give you greater focus in both your life and career. So far I am liking it, but can only read a little at a time as in invokes an awful lot of thinking (and writing).

.. watching .. Grace Helbig on Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

“Daily Grace is gonna teach you how to do something … *ding!” This summer has been the summer of discovering YouTube vloggers. Grace Helbig’s Daily Grace channel is one of the select few that I tune into daily. Helbig is a mix between Tina Feye and Zooey Deschanel. If you don’t have a great sense of humor, she’s probably not for you. Vloggers are the best because their videos are usually 5-10 minutes in length and you can listen while you work. Some of my favorites of Helbig’s are Gangnam Style Dance Tutorial, Sexy 911 Phone Calls, and her most watched The Cup Song. Helbig has also been known to vlog and tour in a comedy show with fellow vloggers, and pals, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart (also a fellow North Carolinian).

.. listening ..

JT and Jay Z on Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

Two words: Holy Grail. On repeat. Like over, and over, and over. Literally listening to it right now.

.. downloading ..

White Noise app by TMSOFT on Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

Being the high maintenance sleeper that I am (true story, ask my husband) it goes without saying that I am a firm believer in some form of white noise to set the mood for … sleep. I had been using another app for awhile, but stumbled upon White Noise by TMSOFT and simply like it better. There is a Lite version of this, but I sprung for the $1.99 version (more noises). I set this to play for about 2 hours right before bed time and sometimes even listen to it while at work. There are also add on apps to this one with baby noises and lullabies. Mommies??

Good read recommendations? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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