Have a lazy week.


Today is all about the lazy for me. The last couple of days we’ve been on the go and out in the North Carolina/Virginia heat and humidity. The list of things I should be doing is endless, absolutely endless. While A and I are often encouraging and writing about doing our best and being productive young women, today I encourage laziness.

Take today, or an evening this week, and forget your list. Catch up on your reading, do a little pampering, and find some time to indulge in a good movie or show. Do something that gives your mind, body, and soul a good rest and refresh.

I’ll start with a little bit of bubble gum and lighting reading …


… decide what order to read these in …


… give this guy some attention …


… a little bit of pampering and scouting out fun places to visit while in Toronto …


… clip coupons while watching another riveting episode of Mad Men …


… and finally, review this month’s StitchFix.


Find a moment this week and get your lazy on. Enjoy! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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