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Jason and I have been really good about changing what we buy at the grocery store. We stock up on fruits and veggies (local and organic when we can), choosing organic chicken and 93% lean ground beef (non-organic for right now), organic dairy for sure, and cutting down on sugars, processed foods, and avoiding anything with high fructose corn syrup and several non-natural ingredients. I’m ready to start making my own sodas and ice creams to cut down on the amount of unnecessary sugars and additives, too. We feel better in general but not great… definitely not as great as we could be.

So I’ve been thinking about the paleo diet. After reading several of Danielle’s posts on paleo over at Breakfast at Toast, I’m checking more resources and planning next week’s menu around it. I am anticipating that cutting out the starches and alcohol will be the most difficult for us but we have already talked about cutting those back and believe it’s for the best. This isn’t to say that we won’t allow ourselves to eat foods on the “avoid” list every once in a while but it’s all about making smarter choices.

It’s also on my bucket list to “work hard for a body I can be proud of” so I’m hoping this will help me reach that goal.

I also like the idea of having a plan to work from. I have been trying to find recipes that don’t include grains or dairy or give alternatives and this could be perfect. There are a few ingredients that I’m not sure about plus I’m not sure I want to spend the money to experiment just yet but it could be fun. Atkins was something entirely different and in a previous life I tried it out. I felt like that was much more of a fad diet than just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. That’s why I feel more comfortable trying to follow this paleo plan.

Under the Oaks blog: Thinking about #Paleo

Clearly paleo and Cross Fit go hand in hand but Cross Fit is entirely new to me. I’m totally into trying it though. Our gym memberships are up in August and I think we will put off renewing until we find a better solution. I have been wanting to try HIIT (high intensity interval training) and can’t justify paying for that if I already have a gym membership. I also want to do more yoga and my current gym only offers one class on a Tuesday night at 7:30p. I like being in a class and be able to have someone correct my posture. I’m pretty on point now but I’d like some more training before getting into my own routine at home. I also want to get to the next level. I’d say I’m almost at intermediate. More to come about that. For now, I think focusing on changing eating habits to be paleo is a good first step. Hopefully, the need to do more will come in a few months.

What are you thoughts on paleo? Have you tried it? Does it work for you? Please share your resources!



20 thoughts on “Thinking about Paleo

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  3. I am embarking on a new life, starting today. I have known for a while I am gluten sensitive. I guess I thought if I ignored it, it would go away. But, now I know I can feel better, I just need to act on it. Thanks for the post. One question, why the focus on organic? We farm and have no problem with organic just don’t see any increased quality, safety, or nutrition for the added cost. Even the strawberry commission has come out with research that shows their organic and non-organic have zero difference in the residue found on the strawberries. Just curious.

    • Hey Leah! Good luck on the gluten-free thing. The paleo diet has definitely shown me the way bread (gluten) affects my body and it’s an amazing difference. I still eat it, now just in moderation, but I tend to feel better on the days without it.

      Personally, I’m focusing on organics because it doesn’t make sense to me to eat chemicals if I don’t have to. There are so many “trending” buzzwords to this overall conversation, like organic, non-organic, GMO, artificial ingredients, free-range, cage-free, grass-fed, etc., etc., but if I take all that away, eating organic is still important to me, always has been, and I think that makes all the difference. Thanks for the question!

    • Leah ive been on a gluten free diet for 7yrs. And just this spring started really focusing on cleaner eating. Wow what a difference. I feel amazing plus inches started falling off and Ive always struggled with losing. How r u doing with the paleo plan?

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  5. I lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks on a Paleo/Dukan combination. I took the whole summer off and only gained a pound back. Now want to start back on my routine and lose another 30 pounds. There is a Crossfit facility nearby and I thought about trying it if I can get my husband to watch the four toddlers for that amount of time. I don’t know much about it. Will enjoy your print out on Paleo Basics. Thanks and good luck to ya. Ashley

    • That’s awesome! It’s so exciting to find something that works. Since I’m traveling right now, I’ve been trying my hardest to eat paleo but it’s difficult sometimes. It makes me think twice before ordering just anything though! I’m still thinking about Crossfit too but it’s not in my budget right now. I hope to find some workouts online and try them at home. I’ll be posting a Paleo Shopping Guide soon too so look out for that. Congrats on the healthier lifestyle and good luck to you as well!

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  7. Thanks for alll this paleo info. I’ve def. Been trying to learn more and ur pg def. Helped. I’m looking into buying “it starts with food” have you read that yet. Was wondering if its worth it. I heard its amazing.

    Also….u mentioned wanting to start HIIT workouts. I do hiits at home for the fraction of the price of a gym and love them. You can go to hit like and msg me if u want more info. On hiit workouts like T25, les mills combat, turbofire etc..thats a few of the workouts I do so let me know! Ive gotten great results with them.

  8. I have just started paleo, am into my third week. I also just did my intro class to cross fit. Am enjoying the challenges, but I still get my cravings! Looking forward to following along!

    • Thanks! Keep me updated! I’d love to hear how you like Crossfit after a few classes. I haven’t gotten into it yet. Just trying to focus on 5k training right now but I’m still very interested. Good luck with the paleo! It’s life changing.

  9. I’m trying to go paleo, but my husband and kids are resistant…so at this point my father and I are trying to make the change and hopefully the others will fall into place…not really sure what to cook as I’ve always cooked comfort foods…I’m also a type 1 diabetic

    • I totally understand Kim. My husband was pretty resistant in the beginning but after cutting out bread for a few weeks then eating it, he was able to see how it made him feel and it wasn’t good. As far as the cooking, you don’t have to start out trying to add all of the Paleo staples, like coconut flour or ghee. Trying to jump right into it was really overwhelming for us. So we started cooking with olive oil instead of butter and focused on eating more of what we could have like fruits and veggies, and less on what we couldn’t have. Making sure you only grocery shop Paleo will really help. Lunches are usually hard so we make extra for dinner for leftovers for the week. One-pot bowls we love because they feel hearty and filling. Just find what’s right for you. For us, finding what works, even if it’s not 100% Paleo is more important. It’s a tool to recognize our unhealthy habits and become cleaner eaters. Check out my other Paleo posts for more info (type Paleo in the search). Hope that helps a bit!

  10. I just finished my first week of Paleo and I love it so far, I am doing a 30 100% paleo challenge and after that I will adjust. From talking to friends I hear that 80% to 20% is common (80% being paleo) and I am starting cross fit next month when I can afford the membership πŸ™‚ I love the way eating paleo has made me feel, I don’t even miss coffee and I used to drink at least a pot a day.

    • Good luck Amanda! It’s amazing the difference you’ll feel. I don’t know if I could do the 30 day challenge, even though I’ve been thinking about it. Since we’ve been doing it for so long our own way I don’t really see the need. Might do a cleanse at some point though. Let me know how you do with the challenge!

  11. Hi, what do the bold, italic and *’s mean? I see explanations in the right corner but i don’t really understand what it means…

    Thanks in advance!

    Tamara from Holland πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tamara! Check out the Balanced Bites website for more information about the chart. Diane is definitely the expert all things Paleo so her website would be a great resource for more information!

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