Another One of those … “What’s in My Bag”

Ladies and dolls, today’s post is a fun one for all you inquisitive folk near and far. One of my favorite types of blog/vlog posts are those where women reveal what’s in their handbags (one of my favorites is via Zoella, she’s adorable and I think her accent is brilliant). I am secretly nosy, and not-so-secretly curious. It’s one of those things where you were taught growing up that it was rude to do, one of those wrongs that feels so right. I like how much you learn about someone based on what’s in their bag. I also enjoy seeing the beauty products that the ladies are using these days. I personally don’t put a product in my bag unless it is something I use often, so I use that as a test of confidence.

Also, I just cleaned my bag … so here we go!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Chandler Triple Compartment Satchel on Under the Oaks blog : What's In My Bag

These days my arm is attached to the white Lauren Ralph Lauren Chandler triple-compartment satchel. It is newish, I got it a week or so prior to Memorial Day (something about Memorial Day and white). I’d actually walked into Belk’s with my eye on a Michael Kors bag and I walked by this one and it caught my eye, mainly the triple-compartments and gold details caught my eye. Also, this one was on clearance … WINNER!

Under the Oaks blog : What's In My Bag

Some of the things I do are archaic, including carrying around a physical day planner. A smart phone? Got one of those. Google Calendar? Yup. There is something about writing things down and checking things off that keeps me organized and on top of my game. Including also carrying around physical appointment cards. Also shown: Stride ID gum in Berrrymelon, a business card holder, and 3M Command strips (?). I’m actually not sure why I have an unopened package of command strips in my bag, but I wanted to be honest. Perhaps you never know what you’ll need to hang when out and about.

Under the Oaks blog : What's In My Bag

I have a select few physical cards that I carry with me always: the Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors contact info, a gift card of some type, my beloved Anthro card, and my Fast Park & Relax card. Everything else I store in a program on my phone. Yes, I realize how funny it is that I must have a physical day planner, yet my member cards are on my phone. My way of keeping you on your toes.

Under the Oaks blog : What's In My Bag

I don’t carry a lot of beauty products in my bag, quite frankly I don’t really wear a lot of beauty products. However, I do always have the following:

  1. A hair tie/contraption of some type
  2. Neutrogena Norwegian Original Hand Cream
  3. Hollywood Oil Blotting tissues, a must for me this time of year
  4. Tweezerman matchbox itty bitty nail files, from Birchbox
  5. Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser & Balm, for my inner nervous cuticle picker
  6. Smashbox Lip Treatment (clear)
  7. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, give a nice cherry tint
  8. Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm in Sunny Berry
  9. A pair of tweezers

Under the Oaks blog : What's In My Bag

And finally, the meat of my bag: wallet, sunnies, and the keys to my ride. The wallet is Hobo, sunglasses Michael Kors, and keys Volkswagen … I am a Volkswagen girl through and through.

What’s in your bag these days?? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “Another One of those … “What’s in My Bag”

  1. I know what you mean: I prefer to have a dayplanner and physically write things down, too! But then, I don’t have a smartphone anyway so I guess I am just generally old fashioned.

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