Have a profitable week.

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Crystal and I started off the weekend yesterday morning with a garage sale. It was a slow morning but we each made a decent amount and I did better than I thought I would. I don’t have much faith in garage sales, as far as being a means for profit and I’d much rather just drop all my stuff off at Goodwill than let it pile up in my house but I learned something yesterday. Aside from learning to check my calendar to make sure I didn’t plan a bonfire at our house the night before having to be up at 6 am (great time but I was paying for it!), I learned that seeing a little bit of profit can drive you pretty far.

Jason and I just paid off our 3rd of 8 credit cards a few weeks ago and, while it was still a good feeling to see Amount Owed: $0.00, there’s something missing from just transferring money you never see or touch from your bank account to the credit card. Walking away from the garage sale with cash in hand to take to the bank was renewing and, even though it wasn’t that much, it was enough to bring up some much needed motivation and get both Jason and I to start talking again about our home and future plans: the reasons we are working so hard to pay off the debt. It also helped us have a positive, inspiring conversation on our date last night about all of it and that’s just the icing on the cake. We talked about the house and what our next project will most likely be. Tuesday, I’ll post a bit about that. Thursday, Crystal will be giving tips on how you can get the most out of your garage sale. We will be putting these tips to use again as we have Round 2 of our garage sale next weekend.

This week find your inspiration and put in some effort to make a few extra bucks. Post those things you’ve had sitting around to Craigslists or Ebay, take old DVDs or books to a local book store to sell, or go through your home and put some boxes together of things you haven’t used since last year. Make this week a profitable one!

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2 thoughts on “Have a profitable week.

  1. I’ve been selling items on Facebook pages Re-Lilly (Lilly Pulitzer items) and The Pink Closet for other name brand items that I don’t wear or use (handbags!). I’ve also sold through local consignment shops and have done well. I should take all the money to pay down debt but instead I’m going to Ireland next month!

    • Those are great resources! Thanks for sharing. Have a blast in Ireland! I wish that was what my money was going towards too!

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