Stitch “Fix” in the Month of May

Back in October, this past fall, I’d read a friend’s blog in which she recapped her very first Stitch Fix. She told a tale of filling out an online fashion profile with her style preferences, coming home to that little box on her doorstep, and excitedly trying on and modeling the hand-picked items from her packaged style “fix”. This, is my tale.

After reading my friend’s story I immediately signed up for Stitch Fix, a members-only, monthly fashion fix. After signing up it took approximately 6 months to receive that long-awaited invitation. Quite frankly, when I received the invitation in my inbox I was on my knees thanking the fashion gods, it was a miracle! I was at work when I received the invite and had to take an immediate break just to fill out my fashion preferences online, including sizes and colors. I’ve never filled out a profile on Match, but I assume the processes are similar: I’m looking for my fashion soul mate my friends.


A team at Stitch Fix take your preferences and hand-select 5 items ranging from accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses, etc., and mail them your way. They kindly attach an index card to each piece with ways in which to style the item. You try the pieces on and mail back, within 3 days, anything that doesn’t fit, or that you simply don’t like. You pay $20 for each fix and they deduct that amount from whatever item(s) you decide to keep. If you don’t keep anything, you sadly lose that $20.

This month marks my second fix. The first month I received items that I wasn’t so fond of, only keeping an infinity scarf (I’ve actually worn it quite a bit). After the long-awaited invitation, and the excitement of filling out a profile, I thought I’d give it another go, instead of cancelling my membership immediately. This month I was a little more pleased, but still not quite content. I’m going to give it one more month, and hope that “third time’s a charm”.


The first item I tried on, just happened to be the easiest; a chain link wrap bracelet from Zenzii. I’ve seen these everywhere, but am very particular about the jewelry that I wear. I thought if I didn’t keep anything else, I’d at least keep this. I liked it and already wore it once to work and received compliments. The thing I like the most about this pick is that I wouldn’t have picked it myself, I would have looked right over it, yet here it is, hand-selected just for me.


The first clothing item I tried on was the Alisa Mix Stripe Front Pocket Shirt by Laila Jayde. I styled it as shown on the card, with a black skirt, white cardigan, and nude shoes. Wasn’t impressed. The fit and material weren’t ideal and from the side the stripes weren’t flattering. Back in the box it went.



The Jambi Ponte Seam Detail Dress by Moon was great and fit nicely. Problem? I have a dress EXACTLY like it in my wardrobe from Banana Republic that I bought last season. However, I chose to look on the bright side, I got a style card that gave me some great ideas on how I could style a dress I already had.


The last item I tried on, and decided to keep was the Crochet Layer Sheer Top by Miilla. This was the one item that I pulled out of the box and wished and prayed that it would fit me because it is the prettiest thing I’ve seen all season. It fit and it’s a keeper.

The last item in the box, that I didn’t bother putting on was a Julien Striped Shoulder Tie Dress by Tulle. Since I didn’t take a picture, because I thought it was horrific, you can see an image over at Grady Bird’s blog revealing her March Stitch Fix. First of all, ties on the shoulders? Ick. Not a good look for a 28-year old. Also, it was FAR too short, at least for me.

My intent with Stitch Fix is that as the hubby and I think about kids I fear the luxury of shopping is going to be a thing of the past. I’d love if every month I could receive at least one special, quality item to add to my wardrobe that keeps me hip and up to date on fashion. Plus, I simply love receiving things in the mail! I’m all about keeping the postal service in business … and apparently the fashion industry as well.

Here’s to hoping my next fashion fix is brilliant! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


5 thoughts on “Stitch “Fix” in the Month of May

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