The Fuzzy Side of Under the Oaks

We have different names for them depending on the day: furry children, assistants, best friends, trouble. Our pets are many things to us but they are always the one thing that puts a smile on our face the minute we walk in the door. We wanted to share with you, our readers, and the rest of the world, the four-legged loves of our lives…

Annie’s Zoo

catsthennow copy

 These fat cats have been with me since 2004 and it’s been a ride. Sandy and Boots are brothers, named by my brother’s kids who were all under 8 at the time: Sandy is the squirrel from Spongebob Squarepants and Boots is the monkey from Dora the Explorer. I have gone through a ton with them including a few years when they lived with my dad until I was able to take them again. After everything we’ve been through, nothing would make me give them up. Jason always knew that the three of us were a packaged deal.

jacksonthennow copy

 We got Jackson in 2010 when Jason was traveling a lot for work. We found him at the shelter and decided on his name on the way home. We both picked names and kept them to ourselves until the other was ready, then we shared. He picked Jack. I picked Jackson. He had no idea why Jack came to him but I had the song “Jackson” from Johnny Cash and June Carter in my head so there it was. He has been through quite a lot already including a skin condition, fleas, and worms and almost not recovering from pneumonia just a week after we took him home. He was a pretty heavy investment from the beginning but there is no price on what he has meant to us. I couldn’t live without this face every single day.
(PS notice his amazing corduroy jacket. So sad he grew out of it in only a few weeks!)

In response to all that has happened in my life the past few weeks, these guys have responded in the most comforting ways. It’s amazing what they can pick up on when you’re dealing with something!

Crystal’s Lil’ Guy


Y’all know this guy … Alexander the Great. He’s popped up in a couple of posts of mine because he tends to insert himself into, well, everything. Jacey and I adopted Alexander when we were still living in Wisconsin in 2006, but he was born in late 2005. Alexander wasn’t our first attempt at a cat. We had adopted a cat a few weeks prior and the poor thing had severe anxiety issues, it just wasn’t meant to be. Alexander just sort of popped up one day, Jacey had brought him home and even NAMED him while I was away at school, but thankfully this little guy was meant to be. He was, and still is, very playful and happy. Why Alexander? My sports-loving partner named him after Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals winger; I like to call him Alexander the Great.

Alexander has both an angel and devil kitty within him. Christmas is his favorite time of year because he finds pleasure in pulling ornaments off of the tree, and as a 7-year old cat he still gets fits of energy where he’ll run around the house acting like he’s being chased by a dog’s ghost. Alexander’s other side is very sweet and gentleman-like, he’ll greet you at the door when you’ve had a rough day and when you are sad he immediately appears by your side, nuzzling up to you to comfort you.


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