Have a fun week!


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Okay y’all, we’ve got a treat for you today! To my non-Raleigh peeps, I apologize in advance, because this post really doesn’t pertain to you (but you could use it as inspiration, surely). Yesterday as I was spending my beautiful Saturday cooped up working, I took a couple of minutes to browse the web and I stumbled upon something that is so up A & I’s alley … a bucket list. Not just any bucket list, a Downtown Raleigh Bucket List! We love this city and we love us some bucket lists (mine and hers).

LiveWorkPlay is hosting a contest called the Downtown Raleigh Bucket List Contest from May 1st – July 14th. The rules are super simple, fun, and clearly posted on their dedicated site: dtrbucketlist.com. You simply complete one of the 18 bucket list items, photograph yourself doing it, upload it to Twitter or Instagram and hashtag it #dtrbucketlist. You get points for every upload (as long as they are clear photos), and while the prizes are yet to be announced, I’m sure they’ll be passes or gift cards to great things for downtown.

What’s on the bucket list? Visiting a museum, popping in at your favorite brewery for a beer, enjoying some free yoga, checking out a show at Goodnights, etc. There is so much fun to be had on the list and something for everyone to enjoy. One particular event I’m going to point out, that I’m particularly interested in is an event that is only happening this weekend: Artsplosure. Artsplosure is an annual event downtown that showcases local artists’ work, music, food, and activities for the kiddies. Remember my post last Thursday about the Downtown Farmer’s Market in City Plaza? This is also where you can partake in Artsplosure today from 10am-5pm. Also, if you want to check it off your Downtown Raleigh Bucket List, you gotta go now because it’s the last day for it.

I hope I’m able to walk away from my work for a few hours to enjoy downtown today, but if I don’t, somebody else better! I despise working on Sunday’s, but I really hate that feeling of ending a week and not completing all the work you’d meant to, I prefer to start each work week fresh, even if it means working on a Sunday …

Have a fun week, maybe even make a bucket list for your city to ensure you make the best out of your summer! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


One thought on “Have a fun week!

  1. I wish I still lived in Raleigh – what an awesome contest! I’m sorry you are working on Sunday – however I completely know what you mean about wanting to start the week fresh!

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