Have a fresh week.


Happy Momma’s Day to all my current mothers and soon to be mothers out there! A special shout-out to my own momma who I love dearly, I hope you have a wonderful day and feel loved by all your girls. Kelly over at Studio DIY recently posted an extraordinarily cute DIY for making a Mother’s Day banner (pictured above). If I wasn’t so far away you’d totally get one of these, Mom! Cute, cute, cute! Please accept this virtual one on my behalf …

Living in Raleigh, A and I are incredibly blessed with an amazing Farmer’s Market that is open daily and ALL YEAR ROUND. I’m sure we’ve mentioned it on multiple occasions, and I’m sure it sounds like we are bragging. #sorryimnotsorry To add to the amazingness, a block from where I work downtown features our Downtown Farmer’s Market every Wednesday. This, unfortunately, is not open year round, but recently opened back up! In honor, this week we are featuring our Farmer’s Market extraordinaires. I’m so into our State Farmer’s Market that when out-of-towners come to visit, this is one of the stops on the Raleigh tour and our guests agree, it’s the best.

Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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