2-Year Anniversary Gift: Guestbook Quilt

I promise this is the last post about my dang anniversary! šŸ˜‰

Back in January A compiled a list of great ideas for traditional/modern wedding anniversary gifts (Anniversary Gifts Part I: For the Ladies and Anniversary Gifts Part II: For the Boys). For my husband and I’s first anniversary we exchanged photos and artwork. Since we’d begun down the traditional path of anniversary gifts that’s what we continued with this year: cotton. Though, now that I’m looking at the modern list and I see diamonds for year 10 …

anniversary1This year I sort of lucked out and my procrastination worked in my favor. On our wedding day we didn’t have a traditional guestbook for our guests to sign. Instead I opted for quilt squares that our guests could sign and write messages of endearment.




I’d always intended on assembling the quilt right away, but after the wedding I was all wedding-ed out and like most of my other projects that I often start and don’t finish, I just kept putting it off. When it came time for me to start thinking about anniversary gifts it took me approximately 30 seconds to figure out what I had to do: finish the quilt!

Due to my husband being away on a work trip this past weekend I was able to spend all day Saturday and Sunday completing it. Did I think it was going to take me that long? No, but I also underestimated the skill required to complete such a project. Before we got married I had cut and assembled most of the squares so really all I had to do was sew them together, adhere the batting, and sew on a backing.

Let me tell you some quilting truths, batting is no joke y’all! Another truth? I’ve never made a quilt before. I’m fairly crafty (if you couldn’t tell) so I thought this was going to be a walk in the park. Applying batting and a backing to a quilt is something I’ve learned you must have skill for, I skill I do not have.

However, with that being said I did an okay job at applying the batting and backing to a queen size quilt. However, below you will not see any pictures of the edging on the back. Thankfully my husband didn’t notice and he LOVED the quilt. Since two years had passed since our wedding he had forgotten that we’d even done this. All of the messages that our friends and family wrote were complete surprises to him.




Even if my husband hadn’t loved this, at least I know Alexander loves it. Took him about 5 seconds after I finished it to plop on top.


Two pieces of advice for newby quilters:

  1. Watch YouTube videos on how to complete a quilt.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up. Another issue I had was that some of the quilt lines didn’t matchup, the back of the quilt squares looked messy, the borders were a little uneven. Note: if you are not submitting a quilt into the 4H fair it is likely that NO ONE CARES about the flaws … they’ll be more concerned with the “made with love” factor.

What do ya think? Do you have any quilting advice? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


4 thoughts on “2-Year Anniversary Gift: Guestbook Quilt

  1. Yes, thanks goodness for YouTube videos. I still have yet to do a quilt borders….instead I do the lazy quilter’s method. Sew the finished quilt top and backing with right sides together, batting in the middle, then turn it so right sides are out and backing is still in the middles. Stitch around the whole thing and it creates the illusion of a border and seals the opening you had to leave to turn everything out. (My Mom taught me this!) She assured me I would get better with time.

    Happy to finally see the finished product, it’s beautiful!

    • Thanks doll! šŸ™‚ I thought of you on the Sunday night that I was completing this, “Maybe I need to call Christine … she’ll know what to do!” Next time …

  2. Thanks for the advice on the YouTube vids. And hey, if it’s kitty-approved, that’s all that counts, right? ha Congrats on finishing your project; it looks great!

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