thoughts on twenty-eight

Blowing out my candles at The Angus Barn in Raleigh.

Blowing out my candles at The Angus Barn in Raleigh.

leaving twenty-seven:

Saturday morning, my husband turned over in bed, kissed me, and wished me happy birthday. He asked how it felt to be 28. Since I spent the whole year telling those that asked that I was 28 and he spent the whole year correcting me, I didn’t feel much different. I feel like time has been standing still. Last year was an incredibly long year. We got married exactly 6 months after my birthday so the anticipation of that day coupled with the frantic to-do list that began shortly after the birthday celebration made my twenty-seventh year the longest in history. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful that time has almost stood still for me. It’s just a very weird feeling. I’ve been able to look around and see the good fortune in front of me, instead of spend the days reminiscing on how fantastic things were at a specific point in time. Maybe I’ve just never had a continuous happiness streak as I have had lately. Maybe I’m finally looking forward long enough to forget to look back. Whatever it is, I’m ready for more. I’m ready for twenty-eight to be a fantastic year. I’m ready to cross some things off my bucket list and enjoy life for a while.

welcoming twenty-eight:

Let me tell you first that my thoughts on age aren’t typical. I don’t consider anyone to be “old” unless their body parts are falling off of them. I think this is has a lot to do with my grandmother being almost 102. Just in the past few years have I really considered her to be getting old. She wasn’t old at 86, 93 or even 98. She was active, cooking, taking care of dishes, enjoying her backyard flower garden. My father is almost 80. He’s not old. He also doesn’t act his age… whatever that means. So when I see pictures or think about what it must have been like to know my grandma or my dad at 28 or 35 or 50, I think “they were so young and have the rest of their life ahead of them.” So when reading the following, keep in mind that I don’t think 30 is, by any means, old.

I’ve spent the past few years thinking about turning thirty. I’ve been thinking about missing the freedom of my twenties and settling down into “real” adulthood. So when I step back and think that I still have two years to thirty I feel blessed. Blessed because I finally feel my own age. Excited because I can plan and prepare for the rest of my twenties and plan to arrive in my thirties as ready as I can be. The past five years have been a struggle professionally after three layoffs so I always felt like I was behind my peers but I am feeling pretty confident with the progress that I’ve made so far to push further this year and achieve some goals I’ve set. I have come to understand that you’re one of the lucky ones if you’re in the exact spot you thought you’d be at a specific moment. My hope is that I’m one of those at some point this year. For now, I’m going to enjoy my days and work hard for my future. And follow the advice Carrie gives to Louise from St. Louis…

Enjoy yourself! That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons; your 40s are to pay for the drinks.



Friday we went to dinner at Beasley’s Chicken + Honey. I had the quarter fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese custard, and roasted beet salad with a Gold Rush to wash it all down. Always amazing. Not picture was the Shaker Lemon Pie we had for dessert. A picture could not do that pie justice.


Good ol’ Eastern NC BBQ from The Pit in Raleigh.

Saturday we went to the NC ‘Cuegrass Festival at The Pit in Raleigh then walked around downtown. We stopped into Videri Chocolate Factory for some chocolate and coffee. The salted caramel was delicious! We took a box of their dark milk chocolate home and devoured it later that evening.



Awesome rustic decor at Videri Chocolate Factory

We had dinner at The Angus Barn in North Raleigh. It was the first time I had ever been and the food was incredible. We had enough leftovers to have steak and eggs for breakfast, per our waiter’s suggestion. A few things I was very surprised about were (1) how many kids were there and (2) how poorly people were dressed. We got all dressed up because we were told it was pretty upscale but there were tons of people in jeans and shorts. It didn’t effect our dinner but it was surprising. We thought about heading to the beach Sunday but we spent the day relaxing and doing some shopping. I love weekends like this, especially ones that involve birthdays!


– A


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