Crystal’s Master Bedroom Reveal

Here it is! On Tuesday’s post I showed you my Master Bedroom Dresser Duo where I revealed how I made-over our old dressers, with the promise of revealing the whole project. The following set of pictures are the before pictures of our bedroom. My husband and I had some basic needs that were not being met in our old bedroom setting (outside of pure boredom). The majority of the furniture and design in our house has been based on no budget and little time, a lot of cheap or hand-me-down furniture, which to be fair isn’t a horrible thing. As my husband and I have matured in our relationship, so has our style.








Okay, so not horrible, right? I mean, we worked with what we had and it fit our initial needs. However, I’d established a list of needs prior to the re-design, that we needed met in order to justify change:

  1. Finish off the dressers
  2. Bigger bed
  3. A bedside lamp, for reading at night so we wouldn’t have to hop out of bed to turn off the light
  4. A lighter environment, with a bigger piece of furniture we didn’t want the space to feel cramped
  5. A hamper for dirty laundry (versus the pile in the corner where they often ended up)
  6. Establishing a cleaner scenario for the media in our room (TV, DVD Player, DVR, etc.)

Without further ado …


Our first major change was the new bed! We opted for the Raleigh Upholstered Camelback bed and headboard with nailhead from Pottery Barn. This has been on my personal wish list for 3 years now and I had decided a long time ago I simply wasn’t going to settle for anything else. By the looks of the above picture, Alexander agrees (notice the sign above, “It’s All About Meow”).


Because of the added bed square footage I opted for some alternative bed-side tables. I picked up this really great piece of furniture from Hunt & Gather on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh. Hunt & Gather sells antique estate furniture. The table’s original finish was very dark. I stripped it completely and when I did it wasn’t quite light enough for me so I ended up staining it with this gray/white-washed stain. I still haven’t decided yet if I love it. Also, I need to find some handles, still.



For the other side of the bed I picked up two, 12″ corner shelves from Home Depot (unfinished). I finished them with an antique oak color and installed them approximately 6″ apart. I just needed somewhere on my side to place books and candles.




You may or may not have noticed in the before pictures, but I used to have this really large jewelry/picture frame box hanging above our tall dresser. It was too tall and I grew discouraged over time because I couldn’t reach the majority of things that I put in it. Also, when I originally bought it I anticipated filling it with pictures … that was 2 years ago. Clearly wasn’t motivated enough.

So, to resolve the issue I purchased these hanging stands from Bed Bath & Beyond and this vintage black and white box is from Annie and I’s trip to Nashville, from Wonders on Woodland. The hanging frame is something I picked up from Michael’s and I stapled chicken wire to the back so I could hang dangle-y earrings, pictures, or other things of interest.



For the smaller dresser I had no idea what to put because all of a sudden we had a space that we didn’t have access to before because of the media items and TV. My husband is notorious for emptying his pockets on the dresser and leaving his “stuff” in a pile. I found these cute boxes from Kirkland’s for his “Odds & Ends” and change. Also, this beautiful silver tray is also from Annie & I’s trip to Nashville, from Gas Lamp Antiques, currently using for remotes.


What do ya think? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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