Have a clean week.


Catching up on 90210 and The Carrie Diaries while writing thank yous.

This weekend has been all about tackling our “to-do” list. JZ and I are knee deep in taxes and wedding thank you cards. (I am determined to get them out of the house by the 6th month mark on the 20th!) I am slightly ashamed to say that we have procrastinated significantly on both but we have battened down and gotten most of the work done so far. Last night we took a little break to get some of the best wings in town at Lynnwood Grill in North Raleigh. Unfortunately, because of the basketball game, it was incredibly packed and our service was subpar but after we ate and drank a few pints (2 of which were on the house to make up for the bad service) we were happy campers. Today is more of the same plus giving some much needed TLC to our yard. (There will be more about this on Tuesday.) Later on we will be heading out to Durham with some good friends to see a film being shown as part of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. The festival started on Thursday and ends today but it’s here every year. This will be the first time I’m going. Afterwards, we will be having dinner at one of the great restaurants Durham has to offer. If you’re a foodie, go to Durham. Not sure where we will be going yet but it’s hard to pick a bad place.

In addition to all that, I want to get a little spring cleaning done today and this week. With highs FINALLY in the 70s this week, it’s the perfect week to throw open the windows and refresh your home. Not only will cleaning be happening but purging and tossing will as well. It’s time to transition into the warmer weather clothes and this is a perfect time to go through the closets and see what we haven’t worn all winter and get rid of them! I believe if you don’t wear something for one whole season, you’ll never wear it. I also believe if you’re not in love with something for the season coming up, holding on to it won’t make you want to wear it. Get your boxes ready and have a yard sale or just donate it! Crystal and I are having a yard sale later this month so this is the week to get it all ready to go.

If you’re not sure where to start your spring cleaning, here are a few of my favorite checklists and guidelines to help.

Real Simple's Spring Cleaning ShortcutsSpring Cleaning Shortcuts from Real Simple

GG-Spring-Cleaning-Check-List-Printable1-e1363910165787Spring Cleaning in One Day and Checklist from Glitter Guide

oprah-orig-spring-cleaning-window-600x411Spring Cleaning Checklist Room-by-Room from Oprah
(I especially love this one because I think you could break it out to all week, focusing on one room a day)

Do you have a  favorite Spring Cleaning guide? Share it!


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