Crystal’s Bucket List Update

While Annie is feeling pretty good about the progress of her 2013 bucket list I have to say I feel my progress is a little disappointing. With that being said, for me this has been the year of training my mind not to look at life in a black and white mode. So, while I like to look at my list and feel as though I’ve failed, I’ll take this moment to recognize that some things I’ve been successful at and others I haven’t. Without further ado …

1. Take at least one photo of myself every month. Well, I’m actually not sure. I think I’ve had my photo taken by other people …

2. Go somewhere I’ve never been stateside. Nashville! Read about it here and here, and maybe even over here.

3. Go somewhere I’ve never been overseas. In July my husband and I are embarking on a journey to Toronto for a long weekend (and to see JT and Jay-Z in concert). I’ve actually been to Toronto, but it was for a quick, 20-hour jaunt for work so I’m willing to count this if I don’t make it anywhere else this year. However, since I don’t consider this “overseas”, I still have an incredibly strong itch to be in London this fall, so cross those fingers and toes ladies and gents, there may still be hope for me (and my bucket list) yet!

4. Get a massage. Nope.

5. Buy only one pair of shoes this year: red-soled Christian Louboutins. Not yet. Oh yeah, and I sort of cheated, I did buy a pair of shoes, ugh the shame! So I ask of you, blogging gods and readers, forgive me, but I needed to replace a pair of damaged shoes. I know, excuses, excuses, but I repent and promise not to buy anymore this year. No, really.

6. Get a facial. Nope, but I did invest a good chunk of change in a Clarisonic a couple of weeks ago and it has totally changed my skincare routine for the better. Since my skin is looking a little better I’ve worked up a little more confidence about getting a facial. It’s sort of like people saying they need to lose a couple pounds before joining a gym, or cleaning your house before the maids come. I wanted to better my skin before seeing a facialist. I get that this doesn’t makes sense, but such is life.

7. Design a super fantastic outfit for the Lady Gaga concert that Annie and I are attending in 67 days. No dice, Lady Gaga concerts were cancelled for the USA leg of the Born This Way tour. As you all may know this was the original purpose of our Nashville trip.

8. Note my favorite song every month to make my own personal soundtrack for the year. YES! January – “Thrift Shop” (Macklemore), February – “Same Love” (Macklemore feat. Mary Lambert), March – “That Girl” (Justin Timberlake), April – “Patty Crash” (Nikki Jean).


I’ve been loving on Nikki Jean’s “Pennies in a Jar” album this month

9. Make a trip once a month to Goodwill. Fail. Turns out Annie and I are having a garage sale in a couple of weeks, so maybe the Universe saved me from giving away all this stuff that I could potentially sell? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

10. Visit, hike, and photograph some of the waterfalls in the Asheville area. Not yet, saving this for the fall.

11. Discover my signature drink. Not yet, but I have been attempting to try different things anytime I’m up for a drink. It’s a work in progress.

12. Get a puppy. Not yet, but on March 27th my husband said that he wanted a puppy for his birthday (I bet you were thinking I’d forgotten, I’d bet you were also thinking I knew you were joking … too bad I don’t joke about puppies). Important to mention, his birthday is next Tuesday. 🙂

13. Hug and kiss my husband once every day. I have stayed true to this and of every item on this bucket list this is probably the most important and most beneficial to my marriage. If there was only one item on this list that I could successfully fulfill, this would be the one I choose. Of all habits to form this is probably the best type of habit to partake in. At first we’d joke about it, I’d go in for a kiss and my husband would mention how I was fulfilling a quota. I’m sure there are plenty of perfect wives out there that would scoff at this goal. Unfortunately (and fortunately), I’m not perfect.

How’s your 2013 Bucket List and/or resolutions coming along? Have you fallen off track ? Share your story in the comments below, or like this post to let me know I’m not alone.


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