Have a renewed week.


There’s something about Easter Sunday that smells of renewal and fresh starts, figuratively and spiritually. If you are someone that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Happy Easter! If not … well, happy Sunday. I hope that whatever it is you believe, or wherever it is that you are, I hope the weather is as amazing as it is in the City of Oaks and that you can throw all your windows open and enjoy the smells and sounds of spring.

This week Annie and I are going to be revisiting our bucket lists we established for 2013. With tomorrow being the first day of April, we are 25 percent into the new year and now is as good of time as any to reset and re-establish goals. I’ve personally been thinking about some of the items on my list that I’ve already left by the wayside. Stay tuned for Thursday to hear all the gory details.

Speaking of teasers and renewal, this weekend I’ve been working non-stop on a couple of DIY projects in the bedroom. Tomorrow we are having our new bed from Pottery Barn delivered and if you check back during the week of April 16th I will be posting a couple of my DIY projects and overall pictures from my bedroom renovation. Nothing says renewal like finally getting a good night of sleep.

P.S. Let this serve as a reminder that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, a list of harmless jokes to play at work and home. You are welcome. 🙂


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