Have a green week.


My Irish Gramma on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! Hope everyone had a fun, festive weekend. Today is a very special holiday for my family, as it is my grandmother’s favorite day all year. She celebrates our Irish heritage with great pride and great food! Corned beef and cabbage is always on the menu along with some Irish whiskey and maybe some green shamrock cookies. It’s a great day to spend with her because she is usually up dancing to some Celtic music playing in her kitchen and her Irish eyes are smiling all day. I spent St. Paddy’s Day with her a few years ago and I am so glad I did. For 18 years, her house was the only place I had celebrated so to get to go back after 7 years of not being there was very special. I forgot how magical she makes this day and how close to her and our Irish family I feel when celebrating with her.



Aside from the obvious green of today,  C and I had a discussion on the way to Nashvegas last weekend about other ways of “greening” your life. One thing we were talking about was how excited we are to start seeing more green outside and being able to get out into it! Yesterday was a St. Paddy’s Day extravaganza here in Raleigh. We were out for 12+ hours celebrating and it was so amazing how beautiful the weather was. People were in shorts and T-shirts and flip flops. While it’s still too early for me to break out the flip flops, I was in short sleeves and loving it! I cannot wait until the weather stays warm and we can get outside. This week has been so fantastic after the time change. I will gladly sacrifice an hour of sleep for a much later sunset. I’m ready to see more green grass and blooming trees!

We also talked about what it means to “be green” and where we learned it from. Since I can remember, my family had a compost pile and put the recycling on the curb once a week. We would flatten and tie up our milk jugs, bundle newspapers, and take cans and bottles back to the grocery store fore 5 cents a piece. It was never something we had to do. We weren’t trying to “save the planet” or be part of a movement. We did it because that was what you did. It was your part. To me, being “green” means going back to your roots. Using composting to grow your garden, eating from your own garden, eating as whole as possible, and doing your part to take care of your own little slice of the world. Establishing what this means to JZ and I is very important to us before we start a family and start traditions (or what I think of as traditions) highlighting the importance of taking care of the world.

This week, look for Crystal’s post elaborating on “being green” and a Raleigh post highlighting things to do when the Earth becomes greener and the weather turns warmer. How will you “green” your week?

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