“I’ll Tennessee You in my Dreams”

Under the Oaks blog : "I'll Tennessee You in my Dreams"(image via)

In T-24 hours we will be on our way to Nashville! Again, can’t stress enough how ready I am for this! Since my original post on our Nashville Agenda, some things have changed.

1. The most important part of our trip got cancelled: the Lady Gaga concert. For those of you who have been under a rock for the past month, she had a major injury and was forced to cancel all her remaining tour dates. Unfortunately, ours was one of them. We got our money back but…

2. We lost a travel companion in the mix. It was down to C and I until my husband decided he wanted to tag along. So…

3. Now we have even MORE time to check out all Nashvegas has to offer and I’m so excited because the weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!

I also have been looking at more things to do… you can never have too much planned for a trip to a city you’ve never been to before! Over at Nashville native Natasha’s blog, Hello! Happiness, I found this post with an awesome list of things to see and do. Check out the new additions to our itinerary.

(image via)

I’m a breakfast lover so anytime I can find the breakfast favs in any town I’m a happy girl. I saw the Loveless Cafe brought up in a few of my search results so this might have to be our destination after our night on the town.

After randomly [over]hearing a coworker talk early this week about living in Nashville and the fun time to be had there, I told him I was headed that way this weekend and he lit up. He was full of suggestions, most of which I wrote about in the last post but he had a few new ones, like Tootsies. Robert’s Western World has been on my radar too but a friend just got back from Nashville and said we had to go so we’re going.

I haven’t found too much that looks semi reasonable for dinner. We are trying not to go too all out on this trip so we will probably end up just finding places to eat as we go. One place I heard about a long time ago when we first started talking about this trip is Flyte. My biggest draw was the farm-to-table aspect. Another is the wine… of course. This might be our splurge night. The menu sounds incredible.

Pictures and a recap when we get back. Have a good weekend y’all!


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