Road Trippin’


In just a week and a half Annie, her hubby, and I will embark on our journey across North Carolina into Tennessee. Not only will we be crossing state lines, but we will also be crossing time zones. Now, that is what I call a serious road trip. I look forward to seeing the beauty that is the Appalachian Mountains and traveling somewhere I’ve never been before, all while enjoying the company of good friends. However, the idea of being cooped up in a car for 8 hours? No offense A, but even your New York-isms aren’t going to keep me entertained.

Annie did a lot of preparation in planning for our time spent in Nashville, so I thought I’d return the favor by planning for the time spent getting to and from Nashville. I know the idea of a road trip is getting from point A to point B, but who says you can’t have a little fun? One of my favorite movie moments is in Elizabethtown when Kirsten Dunst’s character, Claire, puts together an entire cross-country road trip kit for Orlando Bloom’s character, Drew. It includes what music to listen to and where to stop, including great restaurants and landmarks. While my road trip agenda won’t be as carefully planned out, I thought my list of road trip tools could help y’all out in your very own road trip endeavors.

To Listen To


If you are fortunate to be in a car that is Bluetooth enabled, or another means of playing your smart device over your stereo, Pandora (free app) has a station called Road Trippin’. If you are someone that appreciates the oldies as well as the hits of today, this station is awesome for road trips, especially if you are traveling accompanied by folks of varied ages and varied tastes. This is the type of music my family listened to on road trips when I was younger: Steve Miller Band, Stevie Wonder, Queen, The Cars, etc.

Is there anyone reading this that still believes in the art of making a “mix tape/cd”? If so, you are my kind of reader and we would probably be great friends. For our more traditional readers, here is a list of 50 songs that The Jetpacker has compiled to create The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist. I basically agree with all of them.

To Eat


On a typical road trip my bag is packed with the following assortment of snacks: Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel, some assortment of chips/crackers, soda or flavored water, sugary granola bars. Then, along the way I’m filling up on gas station pastries and flavored coffees. Eating all that junk and sitting in a car for 8 hours sounds like an absolute disaster. When we get to our destination I’d love to feel ready for fun instead of feeling the need for a nap.

There are plenty of suggestions if you Google “healthy road trip snacks,” but one in particular that caught my eye was Reader’s Digest “10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks”. The first item on their list is a link to Rachael Ray’s PB&J Trail Mix, which includes cranberries, salted peanuts, Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch (which I will probably look at Whole Foods for an alternative), and peanut butter chips. Also included in the snacks list is mini-pita sandwiches, soy nuts, wasabi peas, and other goodies. My goal is to not abandon my healthier eating habits, but to also not get so hungry that I feel the need to get junk when we make pit-stops. Also, plenty of water, but that goes without saying.

Something I saw last night on The Biggest Loser was Larabar’s new Uber bars, flavors include Apple Turnover, Bananas Foster, Cherry Cobbler, and Roasted Nut Roll. I’m currently drooling as I type this. Yum.

To Do


A couple of great activities come to mind when I think of a road trip, actually really one: napping. I especially think that my future offspring should be into napping during road trips (I’m sure this very statement has jinxed me). However, when you are on a road trip it is possible to find other things to do that are enjoyable.

In preparation of our upcoming road trip I recently purchased Along The Way from the App Store for $2.99. This app allows you to input your start and end locations and will point out locations along your route for food, attractions, lodging, recreation, etc. Since I’m big on small town antique shopping (diamonds in the rough, so to speak) I thought it could help with finding those along our route, as well as any other major landmarks that we might not be aware of.

Fun for the kids (as well as the adults), a list of the Top 10 Road Trip Games via This list includes the License Plates game, Slug-a-Bug (which my husband and I actually play whenever in a car), and I Spy. Fun for the adults, a friendly game of Would you Rather via You Rather available via the App Store. Awhile ago we played this around a bonfire at Annie’s and not only did we learn interesting things about one another, but we had many great laughs. With this app you make a selection of which you’d rather be/do and when you select the option it tells you the percentage of users that said that same thing.

So far this is all I’ve come up with, but we’d love to hear suggestions or possibly any interesting road trip stories you might have! Also, Nashville suggestions are still welcome. Check back in two weeks to hear about how our trip went.


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