Have a strong week.

Happy Sunday! Next Sunday will bring a new week, a new month, a fresh slate (as well as a new season). February, being the short month that it is, flew by so quickly. I look back and feel I could have accomplished more, worked out more, ate healthier, cleaned more, called or emailed my friends more frequently, put in a little more effort at work. I often have to pep-talk myself, “Crystal, remember, there are only 24 hours in a day, you are human. You can do better next month.”

One item of major interest I’ve been thinking about lately is being stronger, both physically and mentally. As I think about building a strong and healthy family I really can’t grasp what that looks like while feeling like I haven’t reached my own personal strength potential. This past month my favorite Zumba class got canceled (read Have a fit week). Not only was I bummed, but I was disappointed in myself for not being as quick on my feet to replace that activity with another.

In order to right my wrongs this week, before my February slate is wiped clean, I wanted to start a new workout regimen that includes strength training. Traditionally I haven’t been great about strength training for the following reasons:

  1. Laziness
  2. Don’t know what I’m doing, fear of injury
  3. Fears of being “bulky” even though on the surface I know better
  4. Often I am looking to lose weight so I am thinking about cardio more than building muscle
  5. Laziness

When I talk through my list above I realize how silly I sound. I know that building muscle helps burn fat and that I really shouldn’t fear being “bulky”, but I’m human and I’m being honest. There have been times in my life when I was physically very strong and in memories of those times I remember feeling great, but those memories often escape me. So while those memories are with me I wanted to also make a list of why I want to be physically stronger:

  1. To feel great
  2. To prep my body for pregnancy
  3. Get into a routine that I can carry with me through the years
  4. Build lean muscle that helps me burn more calories

While I’m sure I could sit here and build a greater list, on the surface these are the biggest reasons why I want to be stronger. Another reason I want to be stronger is because once my physical strength and mental strength are aligned I will be able to take on greater challenges with a little more ease.

One way I am going to jump-start my strength training it to start Tracy Anderson’s 90-day Metamorphosis challenge. I originally heard about this via one of my favorite ladies, who I shall refer to in this post as ES. I didn’t really think about it too much when she first mentioned it, but stored it away deep in my mind. After months of collecting dust I thought about it again in the past couple of weeks when I was thinking about wanting to jump-start my strength training and how I really needed a guided regimen versus creating one myself.

photo 3

I’ve also been thinking about how to sustain my strength workouts, because I know better than to partake in a 90-days “love-em and leave-em” strength regimen. For the past couple years I’ve been getting Self and Health magazines which both include great strength training articles with pictures of proper form and suggestions on repetitions and intervals, which I have saved. While this isn’t something I’ve done, I’ve also noticed similar clippings that pop up on Pinterest, that I wouldn’t be opposed to printing out. What I’ve started to do is assemble these clippings into a binder in individual plastic sleeves so that I can write notes on top of them (or cross off ones that I don’t enjoy or think I can’t do without hurting myself). Once I figure out a good method I’d like to organize by type (resistance, weights) or body part (abs, back, arms, etc.).

photo 2

photo 1

So to you I say, “Have a strong week!” Have you recently begun a new strength training regimen? Leave us some tips and tricks below. I’ll also take encouragement if you have it, Lord knows I’ll need it!

PS. While you are watching the Oscars tonight and all of the great (and not so great) fashions, check out what Annie and I said we’d wear if we were going to go to the Oscars. I wonder if any of our fashions will match up!


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