Friday Surf Report

With all my blog reading and pinning, I usually have a list a mile long of all the websites I want to go back and visit when I have a few minutes… or hours.  Some will be recipes, some blogs I’m currently obsessed with, or just random awesomeness and I thought I’d share those with you all in a Friday Surf Report post every other week. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

photoI came across this really cute office supply website called See Jane Work. Holly Bohn-Weiss is the “Jane” of the website and blog. The site has been around since 2004 so I’m sure I’ve see it before but I love the stuff they have at the moment. I first saw the Hand-Painted Chevron Pencil Cup on Pinterest and fell in love. Then I saw their Vintage Wall Pockets (and the rest of the “vintage” collection) and Jadeite Desk Set and have to have them! (PS – One can never have too many pencil cups!)


The ultimate road trip… and a time-lapse video to go with it.


I made this Peanut Butter Banana Bread on Sunday and it was amazing. It wasn’t as peanut buttery as I would have liked but it was a really creamy texture, which was definitely all the PB’s doing. Super easy recipe too.


Nerd Fitness was an awesome find. Great information, great workouts, all in a fun superhero font!


Cook Smarts is a super helpful, user friendly website designed to help you be the best you can in the kitchen. Tips, lessons, and meal plans with recipes each week couldn’t make it any simpler for you to get cooking! I need all the help I can get so this was an awesome find.

Where are you guys surfing this weekend?


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