Have a warm week.

This weekend's wintry weather.

This weekend’s wintry weather.

Happy Sunday!

I can officially say, since there are only 10 days left in February, that the Oak City has been fairly blessed this year as there weren’t that many really cold days, however we did receive 3 days of melt-the-next-day snow. With Spring just around the corner on March 20th, we are almost in the clear. I made it through the winter with nothing but a light jacket, and on some nights no jacket, which might explain this cold …

Therefore this post is dedicated to my friends in the North, because you my friends, are NOT in the clear. You probably have a couple more snowfalls to look forward to and perhaps a day or two of negative degree weather (gross). To you I say, have a warm week.

5 Ways to Stay Warm, Even When it is too Cold to Think

1. Wrap yourself in an electric blanket and catch up on your favorite shows or loss yourself in a Netflix marathon. This usually does the trick for me. Yesterday I was wrapped in a heated blanket and watched Catfish: The Documentary followed by numerous episodes of Catfish: The Show.


(image via IMDb)

2. Get a pot (or crock pot) of chilli going. Favorite chili for this vegetarian? Sweet potato and black bean chili.

sweetpotatochili(image via tasteofhome)

3. Make some apple cider! It’s pretty easy and tasty. All I do is combine some apple juice, some mulling spices (as blogged about in Sandford visit), and a couple of extra cinnamon sticks. Extra bonus: makes the house smell amazing. Super Extra bonus: Add some whiskey or brandy and make it a hot toddy!

4. Take a relaxing bath. My favorite store for bath products is Basin White, which is only in Vegas and Florida. So when I go I stock up. Another bath wonder I’ve been meaning to try: adding a couple of drops of lilac essential oil to your bath. It is natural, calming, and can put you in the mood for a restful slumber. You can pick up most essential oils at natural foods stores like Earth Fare or Whole Foods. I’ve also been meaning to try orange oils. I’ve heard if you add a couple of drops to your shower in the morning, combined with the heat, it helps you wake up!


(image via camp wander)

5. Snuggle with that special someone. Side note: I keep trying to convince my husband that if we get a dog our cat would have a pal to snuggle with. This is proof that it can happen.

snugglepets(image via EllenShow)


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