Anti Valentine’s Day

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So I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Without someone you feel lonely. With someone, you can spend a ridiculous amount of money for a day that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. This year I was thinking that JZ and I could spend a weekend in Cherokee, NC in a little cabin and lose all our money at the casino. We did that for our first Valentine’s together. It was a fantastic trip so I thought we could spend our first Valentine’s as a married couple that way, too. After taking a look at the rest of the year and budgets, we decided to lay low and spend the weekend putting some of the money we would have spent into the house. I think we will both feel better about that decision in the long run, especially since I’m heading to Nashvegas in a few weeks and JZ and I are going to Chicago for July 4th with my sister and her husband. Working together on the house could be pretty romantic too, right?

One positive of V-Day is the excuse to plan a fantastic Girls Night Out. In 2008, I started a book club on Each year we celebrated whatever relationship status we had with an Anti-Valentine’s Day Girls Night Out. It was usually pretty low key, just dinner, drinks, and sometimes a chick-flick, but it was a great way to make everyone feel special and included and maybe even help get out of a mid-winter funk. Yesterday I realized that I sort of planned an unofficial Anti Valentine’s GNO this past weekend. It was just a “husband out of town” girls night but I guess it could be considered this year’s Anti Valentine’s. Six of us, dinner, dancing, and a drag show. Either way it was a lot of fun!

One idea I’ve always been a fan of is renting an awesomely terrible horror movie and pig out on Valentine’s candy (hard not to love that). A personal favorite is Valentine. (Bonus: David Boreanaz in the Buffy/ Angel days and it makes me laugh that I watched Katherine Heigl in this several years before I knew who she was.) Not surprisingly, this was the only trailer I could find for the movie on Youtube. My apologies for the bad quality.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?


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