DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

As promised on Saturday, today I am posting about the facelift I recently gave my master bathroom. Basically every room in my humble abode needs a facelift (as it probably will every couple of years, which makes my husband cringe). I started here because this is where I start in the morning and being a big believer in the art of feng shui (not the fad stuff), I believe that your home has in impact on your self and your day to day mental well-being.

Before I updated the bathroom it was a mess (as you’ll see below). Cluttered, nothing where it belonged, outdated, and really no personality. Who wants to start their day off that way? I also believe in the art of small changes = big change. I didn’t feel the need to hire a contractor to come rip up the linoleum (though someday I will) or tile the tub and shower, I felt like some small changes would make a big impact.

I started the makeover by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. I like the sunny, but mute, yellow color (which also coordinates with our bedroom) so I decided to keep it as is, but replaced the flat with an eggshell finish. For the record, the flat was not of my doing. Honestly, homeowners, flat in a bathroom is a bad idea, mark my words. I then removed the traditional white cabinet above the toilet (which will makes its way to the Habitat ReStore) and replaced with the William Wall Cabinet from Pottery Barn. Something with a little more character, but still serves a purpose.

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

Pottery Barn included a mounting template for the shelving unit above the toilet. Brilliant! I used this template for the artwork seen below as well.

Next is probably the most important change because this particular view of the bathroom is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up, the view from our bedroom. Before, very “blah” with a cheap piece of artwork from Ikea and a glass shelf that quite honestly has never served a purpose. I replaced both with my DIY Pottery Barn replica. I also added a small Chinese Evergreen in the corner for some pop of color and life. This particular change is a daring one for me as I have difficulty keeping indoor plants alive. In between our vanity and the bath I removed a large shelving unit and replaced with the William Floor Storage unit, also from Pottery Barn.

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

Our vanity was also a major problem, the biggest clutter instigator, inside and out. First I attacked under the sink by completely removing everything and adding two shelving units that fit perfectly inside (from the Container Store). If I hadn’t done anything else in the bathroom except for this I would have already been set on the right path. Everything having a place has already done great things for our bathroom.

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

On top of the counters I removed everything I possibly could and set atop a tiered unit (also from Pottery Barn). I wish my husband and I were the type of people that could have absolutely nothing on the counter tops, but that we are not. I felt like this at least gets everything off of the counters (for easier cleaning), but it keeps things within reach and is pretty.

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

(Close-ups of my Pottery Barn treasures)

A final touch was adding a a painted canvas I received from my husband for our first anniversary. He picked this up at a local art gallery and it hadn’t had an official spot up until now.

DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover


5 thoughts on “DIY: Master Bathroom Makeover

    • Agreed! Sometimes all it takes is a change or two to transform a space. When I’m really sick of a space I change the paint color and that tends to suffice my need for change (my guest bathroom is on it’s third color since I’ve lived in my home for 5 years!).

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