Have a playful week.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and while my team (Go Packers!) isn’t in the super bowl this year, it will still be an interesting game: the Harbaugh Bowl and, even though I’m not a Ray Lewis fan, I am a sucker for fairy tale endings and since his last NFL game is the super bowl it’s kind of his fairy tale ending so I may be routing for Baltimore today (but don’t tell my sister, the 49ers fan, that!).

Throughout the course of the season, I’ve seen several commercials, like the hilarious Cam Newton commercial above, about the NFL’s initiative to fight childhood obesity. It’s called the Play60 program and I really wanted to learn more about it. If you watch this season of the Biggest Loser, you’ve seen NFL Play60 and you know that they have three awesome kids, Biingo, Sunny, and Lindsay, working with the trainers to raise awareness about this issue also. These kids are giving their generation a voice and telling the world they know they are unhealthy and they know it’s not OK. What they don’t know is how to change it.

That’s where the NFL Play60 program comes in. The initiative is to encourage every kid to play for 60 minutes a day. Simple, right? It’s also a basis for these programs in the Play60 family:


Fuel up to Play60 is an in-school program centered around making sure kids get healthy through activity and nutrition. Play60 partners with the National Dairy Council on this program. It focuses on getting students actively involved and excited about making a difference in their school to make their school days more healthy and active. Anyone can participate and support this program.


Play60 Challenge is a 4-6 week program to help schools that provides schools easy ways to be more active and healthy during the school day, through a partnership with the National Heart Association. The schools track student participation in the program to qualify them for prizes from their local NFL team. These prizes can include school trips to the stadium, player visits to the schools, and gift certificates to be used to further promote health and wellness, like upgrading gym equipment.

To find out how you can get involved as a student, parent/ supporter, or educator, click here. Childhood obesity is a very important issue and is something I feel very strongly about. The next time you see a Play60 commercial, talk about the program and make others aware. That’s the first step in helping end childhood obesity.


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