Exploring Prenatal Vitamins

Note #1: I am not a doctor, so nothing that you read here is legit medical advice, just my ramblings.

Note #2: I am not pregnant. I began writing about this topic and doing research and my first thought, “All my friends are going to think I’m pregnant.” Not the case, I promise.

Under the Oaks Blog : Exploring Prenatal Vitamins(image via Cosmo)

Prenatal vitamins is a topic that has come up on multiple occasions in the past couple years, whether around the table with girlfriends or on the table at the doctor’s office. I feel like I’m at the point in my life where my friends and I are past the point of unplanned pregnancies and are being more proactive in knowing how to be at our optimal health in order to plan better and healthier pregnancies. Prenatal vitamins is an importance piece to this puzzle.

First off, misconceptions. I’ve read many articles in the past that have attributed shiny hair and strong nails to the nutrients in prenatal vitamins. This article in Cosmopolitan begs to differ. Not that I make it habit to take health advice from Cosmo, but they make some valid points.

“Prenatal vitamins are high in folic acid (it helps brain development in fetuses), but having too much folic acid can mask the symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency, which can lead to rapid heart rate, easy bruising, tingling feelings in your toes, and memory loss.”

My advice: Only take what you need and do what your doctor says.

For those pregnant or even thinking of getting pregnant prenatal vitamins are a must. As mentioned above they provide a high source of folic acid that aids in the healthy growth and development of fetuses. For women just thinking about getting pregnant it helps prep your body with what it needs to provide healthy growth for your baby from the beginning. Most prenatal vitamins are also packed with other vitamins and nutrients that your body needs so that you don’t have to double up on vitamins when getting pregnant.

However, these magic pills do have some downfalls which I’d like to address. First of all, the issue that bothers me the most is their size and smell. Ever take iron pills? Think those, but worse. I’m less likely to put something in my body if I don’t like the smell or taste in my mouth as I am attempting to swallow these gigantuous pills. A co-worker I spoke with regarding this concern said that during her pregnancy she would cut them in half and take half in the morning and the other half later on. What a thought!

Which leads me to the next downfall: nausea and diarrhea. Gross. May I say that if you are pregnant and already nauseous the last thing you want to do is give your body another reason to hurl. They say that the amount of nutrients in a prenatal vitamin can upset your stomach so if you either a. split them as mentioned above or b. take it later in the day you can lesson the painful impact of these magic pills.

With that being said, I’m stubborn and I tend to psych myself out. I still am not sure I can manage swallowing these pills with or without them being split in half. For me I’ve narrowed down on two options, one of which I have tried and had success with.

1. vitafusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins

Under the Oaks Blog : Exploring Prenatal Vitamins

These are yummy and easy to take. Think back to Flinstones vitamins, now that is my style. I believe that Target has a store brand version of these as well. They come in various fruit flavors and you can take 1-2 depending on your need or tolerance. I had no issues with nausea … or the alternative. These you are able to buy at Target, a small list of grocery stores, and most drug stores. Click the above link to explore where you can find.

2. Bellybar PreNatal Chocolate Vitamins

Under the Oaks Blog : Exploring Prenatal VitaminsI discovered this prenatal and DHA duo via Bellybar as a new product that I am extremely curious to try. Granted this is a very new product and the reviews are limited it does look as though the reviews coming in are good. And hello, doused in chocolate. Period. Downside is they are found in limited locations, primarily maternity and baby stores (or my go to retailer. Amazon).

I’ve noted my discoveries, but what I am also doing is seeking your best advice/knowledge. Comment below, let us an our followers know what you’ve discovered in your experiences or personal discoveries.


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