Planning a Garden

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My first attempt at a garden… not too shabby.

Following up with Sunday’s post about having a productive week, I’ve decided that this spring it will be all about the garden. Planning a garden has always been a mystery to me. I grew up with a garden at my grandma’s house that was always a special thing. We would pick beans or peas for dinner, sit out on the back step and snap the beans and shell the peas. It was a perfect day. I want that for my kids too but I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb by any means. I can’t keep any sort of plant alive. So I’m taking on a garden as a challenge that will [hopefully] yield great rewards one day. The composter is already working, producing great soil. I just need to know where to begin.

So, like with any other project, I’ve been researching on Pinterest. Here are a few of the websites I found that are great resources for starting and planning a garden:

green education foundation

grow veg

sprout robot


Smart Gardener stood out to me more than any others. This website has all the resources I need to determine what I’d like to plant and when the best time to is. You can do everything from plan the exact look of your garden layout, order seeds, and look to the upcoming weeks to prepare. You can also have multiple gardens and potted plants, which I thought was pretty interesting. And, like Sprout Robot, it’s all according to your location. I love it.

One important thing I learned from the previous attempt is that it’s never to early to start planning and planting. It’s amazing how early some veggies need to be planted indoors before they can be transferred outside. I think that made all the difference for why I didn’t get great results the first time around. That and the tilling. The red clay of NC is much different than the dirt I was used to in NY. I guess I’m learning so maybe I can turn my thumb green afterall!

Are you a gardener? How did you get your start?

As a sidenote: I was watching Biggest Loser last night and the Biggest Loser chef, Devin Alexander, was on teaching the contestants about feeding a family of 6 for under $20. One of her bits of info is sticking with me and I think it definitely fits in with this post. She said:

Twenty minutes in your kitchen can save you three hours on the treadmill.”

Choosing what you can eat is such a luxury and too many people take that for granted, myself included, but I’m changing and I’m really excited about that!


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