The Nashville Agenda

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Sorry for being MIA on Tuesday. C and I were too busy at Zumba to post 🙂

We are only 42 days away from our girl’s weekend to Nashville and The Born This Way Ball!! We are so excited but need to get down to business if we actually want a decent place to stay. Since we are staying for three night and there are three of us going, it’s easy to look at per night prices because that’s ultimately what we will be paying each. I love simple math. So when looking at hotels those nights, I realized that paying $200+ per person (on top of $100+ tickets for Gaga!) just wasn’t going to cut it. Here’s where one of my favorite websites comes into play: Ever heard of it? My sister found this amazing place in Chelsea for our 2011 Sister’s Weekend to NYC using this website and I’ve been hooked ever since. They have really improved their look, listings, pictures, and user-friendliness. I love logging on to their website to amazing pictures of homes for rent in Iceland or Argentina. I have some on my “Vacation Wish List” but, for the most part, I’ve been searching for my upcoming trips. I had a favorites list for Nashville that included a few places downtown near the Bridgestone Arena where Gaga is playing, a few places in The Gulch, and some others randomly scattered. I found this awesome condo on the Riverfront just over a mile away from Bridgestone Arena. The reviews were great and the price was pretty great too. The owner got back to me in less than 10 minutes, which is HUGE for me since I’m the most impatient person on Earth.

Since I’ve heard downtown is pretty touristy for bars and restaurants, I looked at what The Gulch had to offer and thanks to this website, I’m hooked. It’s just over 2 miles from our place (read: cheap cab ride away) and close to Music Row, which I’ll be researching a bit more because I’m sure there are some amazing country bars in that neck of the woods and that is exactly where I want to be. (Mental sidenote: Must look into cowboy boots.) It looks like we will probably be spending our Saturday in that part of town.

From the small amount of research I’ve done already, here are a few places on my list:

bluebird(image via)

Bluebird Cafe: If you watch Nashville (I’m obsessed!) then you know that this is where Scarlett works. They hint to this in the show but it’s where many famous country stars started their careers.

store4(image via)

Two Old Hippies: Could have some interesting finds for clothing and home.

blog-the-patterson-house-01(image via)

The Patterson House: I think this will have to be a must-go. Everything I’ve been reading says “GO HERE!!” Maybe dinner one night and pre-game?

CMHOF(image via)

And of course we will have to at least go by the Country Music Hall of Fame (although I might be doing this one on my own!)

We will have all day Saturday and half of Sunday to explore so let us know if you have any suggestions for what we should do!


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