Have a stylish week.


(image via Glamour)

Where are my children of the 90’s??

I was 12 when I first saw Cher Horowitz in Clueless putting together outfits using a computer-aided closet. I was in complete awe. Little did I know that a decade-and-a-half later I would have my very own app-aided closet. The closest I ever got to being Cher was a pink feathered pen that I blew my babysitting money on and an occassional “As If” followed by a rolling of the eyes (which I used to do … a lot). Clueless exposed me to Christian Dior and Calvin Klein, which I didn’t fully understand until the 30th viewing (I was 12 and Lisa Frank was the only designer I was privy to).

As a teenager/young adult I did not have the best fashion sense, or any at all to be quite frank. In fact, instead of Cher, think Liz Lemon as a child (30 Rock). I had a Craig Soccer sweatshirt that I wore once a week, every week for about 8 months (which you can do when you live in Wisconsin). A decade-and-a-half later I can say that I still have the sweatshirt, but with more exposure to fashion and a disposable income I can proudly say I haven’t worn it in at least 2 years. Take that awkward teenage years!

You can only imagine when I stumbled upon Stylebook I knew I finally had arrived, “Here I am World! Crystal Horowitz! As if … you could be as excited as me!” I purchased Stylebook in early fall from the App Store and immediately fell in love.


Stylebook is an app that was designed by a programer and a Vogue Intern. You take photos of all your clothing, accessories, shoes, whatever and the app stores the photos in specified categories. You can then put together looks while also incorporating inspirational looks. A calendar feature lets you assign outfits to days so you can use the style stats function to track how often you wear something, or when you wore something last. Also, you can track how much you paid for something and it calculates (based on how much you wear it) the price per wear so you can justify a more expensive purchase. You can also use the app for packing and shopping, which are functions I have not used yet.


I found that taking photos of all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories was quite the time consuming task. My advice? Make sure you use backgrounds that are opposite in color of the items you are photographing. It makes it easier for the app to cut out the background. Above is an outfit I put together using the app (blazer Banana Republic, skirt Maeve, shoes Banana Republic, accessories both J. Crew).


Another bit of advice, good lighting. You can see the black blazer photographed above is colored bizarrely, but it serves its purpose (dress Banana Republic, blazer Lauren Conrad, scarf J. Crew, shoes J. Crew).

This week in attempts to channel my inner Cher I am going to use the app to plan my outfits for each day. I typically spend about 20 minutes just standing in my closet after I shower in the morning and while it is a great way to air dry it also puts me at work about  20 minutes late. I am also going to challenge myself (and you all) to throw out an “As if!” in at least one conversation or tweet this week. 2013, bringing it back! Or maybe a little “Rollin’ With the Homies?”


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