Anniversary Gifts Part II : For The Boys

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Last week I posted some ideas for anniversary gift ideas for the ladies. This week, I thought I’d give you some ideas for your other half… mostly because, as I was writing last week’s post, I realized that I had no idea what I’d get JZ according to the suggestions. So, to save myself some last minute procrastination in a few months, I put this list together. Maybe it can help some of you too!


Surprisingly, the “traditional” list worked better for coming up with men’s gifts. That list is a lot less specific and helps when trying to think outside the box. For the first anniversary, paper was suggested. Best paper gifts? Sports tickets of course. JZ’s been talking about heading up to Lambeau so there will be much more paper than just tickets involved. As for the third anniversary, JZ has a ton of bar glasses already but hopefully by then our bar will be up and running so he will start collecting bar glasses again. These frosted two-tone tall boys will be a nice addition to the current collection.

Playing off iron for the sixth anniversary, JZ came up with a whole set of irons, or golf clubs as normal people call them. We both got hand-me-down sets and play every now and then but a nice new set would a great gift. For a great “leather good”, a signed football for his man cave from his favorite player or a whole team from a significant year is a great alternative to a leather jacket or wallet.


An awesome aluminium-framed bike, like this one from REI, is a fun, practical, modern twist on the traditional aluminium suggested for the tenth anniversary. JZ would much rather get a bike than a diamond. I’m sure any man would!

What ideas do you have for men’s gifts?


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