Consignment Shopping: Fifi’s

macklemore-ryan-lewis-thrift-shop-4(image via MTV)

“Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?”

I was about 4 months behind the 8-ball when I heard the hipster song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore last week, but I thought how appropriate since today’s post is all about thrift shopping, more specifically consignment shopping. Last week I wrote about antique shopping in Sanford, so if you didn’t know by now, this is something I love to do. When I go consignment shopping I’m focusing on accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. I don’t typically have luck when consignment shopping for clothing, though I wouldn’t be opposed if the opportunity were to arise.

One of my favorite places to shop in Raleigh is Cameron Village, it is very southern, quaint, has a good variety of specialty shops and dining, and unique designer fashions. It also has Fifi’s.

Fifi’s is a designer and name brand consignment shop. Consignment is different then general thrift (like Goodwill) because an owner of an item will attempt to sell their item via a reseller. When the item is sold the original owner must pay a percentage of the sale to the reseller. Therefore, you won’t necessarily find goods for dirt cheap, but they will be of good quality because the reseller will determine if the item to sell is actually worth a sell. Also, when it is a designer item they will often do the research to determine if it is genuine. The last time I was in Fifi’s I actually overheard them calling a seller to let them know their Louis Vuitton was a fake, must’ve sucked to get that call.

In the past couple of months I’ve found some pretty great finds at Fifi’s. First up is a pair of brown leather flats by Frye. I believe I paid approximately $30 and the retail for a pair similar to this is $148 on Zappos. Sure, they’ve been worn, but they were actually in fantastic condition when I bought them. The below picture is taken after 4 months of wear and tear via moi, and I am generally pretty rough on my shoes.


Next up is a black leather hobo via Michael Kors. On eBay they were selling a similar bag for $198 while I paid about $80 for mine.



During the same trip I purchased a brown leather bag via Frederic. I paid between $20-30 for it and it had it’s original tags on, never been used. I wasn’t able to find anything online about the brand or original pricing, but I like the bag so much that I wasn’t all too concerned with price. It was a great fall bag.


In my last trip to Fifi’s I came across these Christian Dior beauties for $60 (found on for $210). I generally would never spend this much on sunglasses, but they were so classic that I thought that if I spent a little more maybe I would be a little kinder than I generally am with sunglasses (I lose them and magically find them all at the same time two seasons later). Also, they are Dior. Hello!



Along with these I also purchased a pair of white Versaces, about $60 as well (found on Frames Direct for $196.51). I did have a little buyers remorse after I purchased them, but they are starting to grow on me. They are sturdy, great quality, and I’m sure they will eventually look good on me. They are beauitful, it’s just … I’m so white, and white on white … this was definitely an impulse buy. However, I will say, I would rather have impulsed at a $60 tag versus a $200 tag (oh the ways we are able to justify).


I’ve been avoiding Fifi’s as of late because I know they’ve got an amazing stock right now after the ladies cleaned out their closets in December. I do encourage you to go, though. I will also say, Fifi’s does have a couple of locations and not only in North Carolina (also in Florida).


2 thoughts on “Consignment Shopping: Fifi’s

  1. Definitely check out Passages on Wake Forest Road…it’s consignment meets thrift, I’ve found great things there. I love it when someone has just come in who wears my size and consigned a ton of stuff!

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