Have a fit week.


Happy Sunday! I’m feeling incredibly upbeat and motivated this fine Sunday because I have my windows wide open and it is the middle of January. It reminds me of the arrival of spring and while I know this warmth is only a tease, I know spring is only a couple months away. Spring makes me think of birth and re-awakenings.

Last week Annie spoke of having a healthy week. I can personally attest to at least one of those days being not only nutritious but also delicious when I got to enjoy a delicious meal of gingered carrot soup via chef Annie Z. Not only did I get to enjoy a great meal with a good friend on Wednesday, but the day before I tried something I’d never done before: Zumba.

To clarify, this wasn’t the first time I’d tried Zumba, just the first time I’d tried it in front of others. I don’t particularly like working out (clearly), but when I do it is in the comfort of my own home, where my guest bedroom not only holds guests, but my home gym as well (just not at the same time).

One workout that I do really love is dancing. I love a night of dancing with the ladies and I know that it is a great calorie-burning workout. I also know how socially unacceptable it would be for me to go clubbing every night of the week even if for a good workout. So, when I received an email from a co-worker the week prior about Zumba classes being held at a local nightclub during the week I though, “AHA! I can go to this and won’t be judged for being out dancing on a Tuesday night!”

I emailed my friend Christine who I hadn’t seen in awhile and we met up last Tuesday for a night of Zumba and dinner. It was a blast! The Zumba class was being held at a nightclub in Raleigh called Still Life where the lights were low and the music loud! The instructor was upbeat (as all probably should be) and had a great selection of music. Because the lights were low I didn’t feel like someone was watching me making sure I had all the right moves, and I think even if they weren’t low the others around me had the same hesitations to learn new steps so I would have fit in either way. The class was only $5, which according to Annie seems to be the typical cost of group fitness classes these days (I wouldn’t know, I work out in my guest bedroom). After the class we went to Zely & Ritz for dinner where I had a great assortment of healthy, locally grown deliciousness followed by great conversation and laughs.

This week the under the oaks blog duo encourage you to have a fit week. Do something new, do something you love, do anything. Don’t let the cold winter month have you parked on the couch with your electric blanket watching Downton Abbey (which is what I will actually be doing tonight). I know where I will be again this Tuesday. If you are in Raleigh, I encourage you to join. If you are somewhere else and you want to try Zumba you can look up local classes here.


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