Anniversary Gifts Part I: For The Ladies

anniversary1Have you and your man ever talked about the traditional anniversary gift list? Neither had JZ and I until the other day and it was pretty apparent that he has no clue what I’d like for some of the very general, random suggestions. Honestly, I have no idea what I’d get him either. So, men, here is my list of what to get your better half when your anniversary rolls around. Do you remember when that will be? Just kidding!

photo 1

The list suggests clocks for the first anniversary. I like to interpret that as any type of timepiece (even though watches and timepieces come later). I am absolutely in love with this MARC by Marc Jacobs “Amy” Crystal Bracelet Watch. It’s a simple stainless steel timepiece with Swarovski crystals. For anniversary number three, these hand blown glass pendant lights from Cisco Home on Heather Bullard’s blog are perfect.


Silverware is silverware to me. I do like if it doesn’t fall apart but for a fifth anniversary gift, this vintage silverware set is a great example of something I would love. An engraved set would be amazing too. A desk set for the seventh anniversary means really great stationary like this one here from The Sweet Unfolding’s store on Etsy.

photo 2

I have been dying for a Kate Spade tote for quite some time. For the leather suggestion for anniversary nine, either the Brightbox Boulevard Ellison or the Boutique Stripe Harmony will do!

I’ll be posting men’s anniversary gift ideas sometime soon so check back. If you’ve had a wedding anniversary already, did you stick to tradition or make your own?


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