Annie’s 2013 Bucket List

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Happy 2013!! For JZ and I, I view this year as having the potential to be our happiest yet. We are at, what I think is, the peak of our “couple” life together. We are newlyweds with our whole lives ahead of us, almost ready for baby but not quite, preparing to start a family, and figuring out our way. As a couple, I think our goals for 2013 are:

1. Get healthy and stay healthy. We both agree we need to change our lifestyle before we start to have kids. Being on the same page with this has been the best part, even if both of us need some outside motivation!

2. Become financial stability or something quite close. We have debt from the wedding, debt from being unemployed, a car that needs to be paid off and sold, and then the general student loans, car payments, etc. After all that, we have almost a whole home to renovate!

I want this year to be my most creative yet but didn’t really know what I meant by that until I started writing out the following personal goals…

3. Cook more. I’d love to start going to the farmer’s market more and bringing home fresh ingredients. I’ve already started using a local CSA to get fresh veggies but it costs much more than the market will. Plus, it’s a great way to slow down your day. You can’t just run in and run out of the farmer’s market like you can a store. A great alternative is…

4. Grow a garden. This happened a few years ago but hasn’t happened since. We have been composting religiously also so we have a ton of dirt!

5. Learn to sew. This is on my bucket list and it’s something I’d really like to achieve this year, even if it’s a pillow or two!

6. Write creatively. I have tried to write without boundaries but it hasn’t happened yet. I’d love to take a class!

7. Get more involved in finishing our house. Up to this point, I have done the minimal but when we took out our mini bathroom and knocked down a wall to get to the very early stages of a full bath, I was much more hands on and it felt good. I’m ready to get this thing moving… just need to work on #2 first.

8. Less pinning, more doing. My Pinterest account is almost out of hand… almost. I have so many recipes and DIY projects and I’m ready to start actually using my account like I should! Which brings me to…

9. Start an Etsy store filled with… something I haven’t created yet. I am honestly thinking of calling it “The Everything Store” because it will be so random.

10. Give back. Crystal has been talking about giving back lately and it has gotten me thinking about what I’d like to do this year to get more involved in some great local charities. Haven’t quite figured out what yet but I’ll keep you posted!

To view my Official “30 Before 30” Bucket List, click here!

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