Happy 2013: Crystal’s Bucket List

20130101-144557.jpgHappy New Year y’all! In our last post Annie and I alluded to our dislike of personal New Year’s resolutions. Instead we thought it would be nice to share our personal bucket lists filled with items that we hope to accomplish for this year. Today I am sharing mine, but be sure to check back Thursday for Annie’s.

Crystal’s 2013 Bucket List: 13 of 2013


(images via London, Portrait, Seattle, massage)

1. Take at least one photo of myself every month. I hate being photographed which often leaves me without a current photo of myself.
2. Go somewhere I’ve never been stateside.
3. Go somewhere I’ve never been overseas.
4. Get a massage. As a 28-year old woman I admit this is embarrassing, but I simply don’t like being touched by strangers.


(images via Louboutin, Gaga, facial, playlist)

5. Buy only one pair of shoes this year: red-soled Christian Louboutins.
6. Get a facial. See #4
7. Design a super fantastic outfit for the Lady Gaga concert that Annie and I are attending in 67 days. Nashville or bust, baby!
8. Note my favorite song every month to make my own personal soundtrack for the year.


(images via Goodwill, waterfalls, Schnauzer, cocktail)

9. Make a trip once a month to Goodwill. I read an article the other day about how Goodwill was excited to have such a surplus from all the New Years donations, and that it would last them a couple of months. I thought maybe I’d spread out my donations throughout the year as to not contribute to such a big surplus at the end of the year.
10. Visit, hike, and photograph some of the waterfalls in the Asheville area.
11. Discover my signature drink.
12. Get a puppy. Let this be an affirmation to a very important reader that we have. See #13
13. Hug and kiss my husband once everyday. See #12

(top image via tumblr)


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