Have a reflective week.

new year 2012

Our 2013 Outlook will post later this week so we wanted to share with you our refections of the past year.

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Usually I don’t do New Years Resolutions. A few years ago, a friend shared an article with me about “year-of” bucket lists. I created a bucket list for my “30 before 30” this past birthday and the two items I was able to cross off are the obvious: getting married and traveling out of the country to Mexico for the honeymoon. Things have changed a bit and I think I want to reevaluate my list but overall, those were some big things to cross off! I’ve been thinking about this post for a few weeks now. At this point, I’m usually thinking about all the things I would have done differently in the past year. 2012 did include my third layoff but this one was different than all the rest. The bounce back had a lot less impact, I think because I knew it was coming for a while. I also was able to use the staffing firm I used to find that job for the one I currently have. It was a lot less stressful that way and they did a great service to me finding my current position. Other than the layoff this year has been pretty fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of things I would have done differently but I can’t really complain much! I’m ready to start my 2013 outlook and prepare for a fantastic new year as a new wife!

C ::

I am on the same page as Annie as I too don’t necessarily participate in New Year’s resolutions. However, I do pride myself in the reflections of a years passing. There is something about new chapters that always gets me a little emotional. As I am Auld Lang Syne-ing and teetering on the edge of weepiness I will be thinking of the following things:

1. Changing jobs and leaving behind some of the kindest coworkers I’ve ever come across, for a better opportunity. It was tough, but something I really had to do for me and my family. It is bizarre to not just think and act for yourself anymore, but for the growth and happiness of your family.
2. FINALLY traveling abroad. In college I had been offered an internship abroad which I had to decline for financial reasons and it broke my heart. Feeling financially stable enough to finally take the jaunt across seas meant more to me than met the eye. This was something that I reflected on often while in China.
3. How my extended family grew by leaps and bounds. I got to watch two of the strongest women I know get remarried after overcoming heartache and it warmed me to be assured that out of heartache and pain love will prevail. Often times we (I) need to be reminded of this. This last year I gained a stepfather, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
4. The unfortunate fizzle of old friendships, but the blessing of new friendships. I am also blessed by those few friendships that seem to get stronger as the years go on. “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

While I didn’t lose a thousand pounds or become more organized (as per usual resolutions), I do feel pleased overall with the year that is (soon to be was) 2012.

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