DIY: Laundry ‘Closet’ Makeover

I recently redid my laundry ‘closet’. I am careful not to call it a room as it barely fits the washer and dryer. Within the last year we replaced our top loaders with LG front loaders (which are fun because they play a little tune when they are done washing and drying). When the installer was putting them in he said that there was barely enough room for the dryer meaning that the folding door on the right doesn’t fully close, probably not a problem for most, but a dilemma for the anal retentive. Therefore, calling it a laundry room simply doesn’t sound right.

The space has always been a “blah” space, nothing special. You see the BEFORE picture below, you can only imagine what it looked like before with the not-so-shiny appliances. So I did what any modern girl would do and I hit up Pinterest for ideas. I found this blog post via Eat. Sleep. Decorate. Here, Amy also refers to her space as a “laundry closet” and I immediately felt as though we were kindred spirits, both wishing we had been blessed with homes donning full laundry rooms. Nonetheless, she inspired me.



I hit up the Black Friday sale at Michael’s and picked up matching baskets, which were all at least 50% or more off (score). I also thought it would be a good idea to add a second shelf so I stopped by Home Depot (with the correct measurements) and had them cut a wire shelf with me. Unfortunately he cut it about an inch too long which taught me a lesson to bring my measuring tape with me and double check anytime I have someone else cut something for me.

I started my project by removing everything from the closet and giving it a fresh coat of paint. I realize that only anal retentive me would see all the marks on the walls from over the years, but it made me feel better to give those walls a fresh coat. I then installed the second shelf. Realizing that it was an inch too long I took it to Lowes (because they are closer) and they offered to cut it for me, not ifs, ands, or buts about it. I may be transitioning into a Lowes girl after being a long time Home Depot girl, stay posted.

After getting the right size shelf I put it in. I then slide the washer and dryer back in making sure all the connections were made good and tight. Low and behold the dryer was able to fit in a little tighter after I worked my magic and now both doors close properly! Hallelujah! After I put all the baskets in and put away all of the laundry supplies I was delightfully surprised to find I had extra basket room. I figured I would have a little extra room by adding the second shelf, but not this much. I haven’t filled them yet but I’ve already been dreaming about moving some of the stuff (extra cleaning supplies, light bulbs, paper towels) from the kitchen into here. Which means I can then move some of the junk off of the counters into the cupboards. Can I hear another Hallelujah?!



Overall I am very happy with the results. Not only am I happy with the results, but I was proud of myself for starting and finishing a project all in one day. I like to think I’m maturing as a DIY-er by not starting and then finishing a project a month later. Or maybe this was just that easy. Eh, I like my other thought better! 😉


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