The Ultimate Date Night

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I always thought my ultimate New Years Eve would be spent in NYC and not necessarily for the famous ball drop in Times Square. I can just imagine how the festive The City must be on the last day of the year. All the fashion, parties, fun. Then I started having some amazing NYEs in Raleigh. I’ve done everything from an extravagant, expensive night out to a low key family night. JZ and I have never had a night at home but I think we are both alright with that since we will have plenty of nights to be at home when we start having kids. As we’ve gotten older though, we don’t go for the crazy all-nighters anymore so we end up finding some place a little more low key with friends where we can countdown with strangers and feel peaceful for a few minutes before we head back to our home and begin a new year.

This year I’ve been a little more relaxed on the planning of NYE with friends since I’m pretty “planned-out” with my wedding just a few months ago. I’m usually the first to email, at least a month ahead of time, and continuously emailing those who haven’t responded until I just can’t take it anymore and make a reservation somewhere. I thought about emailing on December 1 but I’ve been reconsidering what I want my NYE to look like this year. Ideas I’ve considered this year are having friends over to our place but since I’ll be heading home to spend some time with my mom in NY until the 30th, we really don’t have much time to get the house in order, purchase goodies, food, and booze before people start arriving. My favorite idea, as mentioned above, is to head out for a fancy dinner then find a low key place to ring in the new year but I haven’t gotten much response to that yet.

So I keep going back to the idea of having the ultimate date night. We have had a pretty big year and are about to begin our first full year as a married couple so why not spend it just the two of us? There are so many options for creating the perfect night no matter the budget. Here’s a few:

  • On the town: dress to the nines and spend the whole night dancing. We haven’t done this too often and I keep asking for an occasion to wear this long ball gown I bought a few years ago. Plus seeing him all dressed up is one of my favorite things!
  • Dinner out only then a cozy night at home. All the dressing up without the high cover charges for clubs or high drink prices.

photo(image via)

  • The whole night at home. Make your dollars go the extra mile. With a little work, you can create a top dollar meal for much less than it would cost at a restaurant. After dinner, clear the living room, put some cozy blankets and plush pillows down, break out the champagne, get some board games out, and ring in the new year in your PJs. I always think of Samantha and Smith at home with their fancy dinner and matching robes.

What is your ideal NYE? What will you be doing this year?


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