Holiday DIY Gifts + Decor

Gifts : Holiday Wreaths (Pinterest Inspired) from Crystal

This year I thought I would go back to the basics of homemade gifts, they are the best kind! I personally love homemade gifts and in the cheesiest way feel like they are still the best way to show someone that you love them. “Look, Mom, I love you enough that I devoted my entire Saturday making this wreath for you while drinking wine, eating chocolate, and watching Pretty Little Liars.”

I pinned the following four wreaths on Pinterest, clipped some coupons from both Michael’s and JoAnn’s, and spent approximately $30 overall on all supplies (not including wine and chocolate). The second image is my adaptation of the four wreaths that I pinned.

pinterests_wreaths.before(Clockwise from top left : #1 // #2 // #3 // #4)

pinterest_wreaths.after(image via Crystal Zembal)

Like the true DIY-er that I am I didn’t bother to read the instructions for any of the wreaths, I just used them as inspiration. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think this time it worked out well. I thought it was super easy, but somewhat time consuming. I chose the larger version of a foam circle and wrapped three of the four with yarn. It was the perfect thing to do while catching up on TV and watching holiday movies.

Decor : Holiday Card Displays from Annie

We have a big family so it never fails that we get several Christmas cards and this year with all the weddings and births throughout our friends circles we’ve gotten a bunch more. Each year I plan to do something with the cards, a display that I can use each year but I never find something I really like or have room for. This year I did some looking and I’ve resolved to keep it simple. These ideas were my favorites:

20121218-092845.jpg(Envelopes // Tree // Collage)

Ultimately the collage won out. Mostly because it’s the last week before Christmas and I need to get them up! I purchased a corkboard from Target for $7 and called it a day.  I also like the idea that I can use it year-round and can tack up more than just cards. I have a few special ornaments and pieces of decor I don’t know what to do with so that will work out well. Maybe next year I’ll incorporate my advent calendar into it, too.

What are some of your holiday DIY projects?


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